How to make invisible extensions

How to make invisible extensions
 Stretch marks, or striae in a scientific way - it scars that appear in the deeper layers of the skin as a result of hormonal failure, rapid weight loss, and a number of other reasons. The emergence of such a defect can seriously poison the lives of almost every woman. Doctors say that until the end to get rid of stretch marks is almost impossible. But what exactly can be done - it make them less noticeable.
 If you look at the process of stretch marks closely, you can see the next picture. Human skin consists of three layers - the superficial, middle and inner. So, stretch marks appear within the second layer, called dermis. This is due to the fact that the middle layer of skin consists of collagen elastic strands joined by another and elastin as well as blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, sweat and sebaceous glands. From a scientific point of view are stretching breaks most of these collagen filaments, which are expressed in the appearance of red scars, subsequently acquires a white color.

The easiest way to prevent stretch marks, conducting timely prevention. This is especially true for pregnant women, as it is this category are most susceptible to the appearance of stretch marks.

However, if the stretch marks have appeared, can not be helped, it is necessary to deal with them. If the reason for their appearance in excess weight, which leads to stretching of tissues of the body, you must first properly arrange your diet to lose weight. This will save you from the appearance of new stretch marks. Also need to pay close attention to the level of hormones in your body. If the problem is in them, see your doctor, endocrinologist, who will cure you. And then start getting rid of stretch marks.

The easiest way to make stretch marks less visible - is to use special creams. Today, large cosmetic companies that produce cosmetics for children include its line of products also means for moms. These include creams and stretch marks. This drug helps to partially restore collagen, improves blood circulation in the problem area and reduces the intensity of the color of stretch marks.

For those who want to achieve a more pronounced effect, such a procedure is suitable as laser resurfacing. It helps to refresh the skin to restore it causes all the layers of the skin to work, which leads to the restoration of the damaged surfaces substantially 100%.

Mesotherapy, peels, wraps and masks - also a very effective means to make stretch marks less visible as possible. The main rule - to carry out procedures and courses regularly. Otherwise, no effect you will not notice.

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