how to make a bruise

how to make a bruise
 Bruise always comes unexpectedly. And very few people can decorate it. Bruising soft tissue leads to rupture subcutaneous capillaries. The blood that flows out of the small vessels, spreads under the skin. Bruising, especially on the face, can be a serious obstacle, especially if you are going somewhere. Asking questions you do not want.

The best remedy for bruises - this is ice. And the earlier you apply, the faster will be able to stop the pain from injury and prevent edema. Type in warmer ice and push the injured spot all day for 15 minutes with breaks of 10 minutes, so as not to freeze bruised tissue. The next day, apply a hot water bottle with warm water. Your task at this stage - to improve the microcirculation under the skin at the site of injury. Even if the bruise is still manifested, keep warm - so it will resolve.


To enhance the effect buy in a drugstore special ointments. Good resolve bruises under the influence troksevazin, Bruise-OFF, Lioton.


If bruises on your skin are formed from any touch, then you need to pay attention to the vessels. They become brittle. To restore the elasticity of blood vessels, it is necessary to drink a course Ascorutinum.


Known folk remedy against bruises considered bodyaga. It costs cheap and quite effective. Interpret grass concoctions, add a few drops of oil and rub the place of injury. If possible - attach it as a dressing. Still used tea leaves and leaves of fresh cabbage.

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