How to get rid of cracked nipples

How to get rid of cracked nipples
 Cracked nipples in women are usually formed during nursing. This often leads to the delicate skin on the nipple, especially given birth for the first time mothers, poor personal hygiene, as well as improper technique of feeding when the baby grasps the nipple areola without.
 Cracked nipples gives a woman the pain during feeding, as well as the danger of severe complications: insomnia, headaches, mastitis and other infectious diseases. The appearance of sores on the nipple should immediately consult a doctor.

Well established in the treatment of fractures such drugs as the cream "Bepanten" and "D-panthenol." With deep cracks on the nipple is better to buy gel "Solkoseril" or "Aktovegin." The funds are placed in the wound and help it quickly tightened.

Extensive experience in the treatment of cracked nipples is traditional medicine. After feeding can cause chest sea buckthorn oil or vitamin E. Chest for 5-10 minutes should be kept open. During this time the vehicle is completely absorbed.

It is recommended to grease nipples after feeding linseed oil. Usually after 4-5 hours delayed wound. With the help of cotton swabs can be applied to the sick plots juice celandine. This procedure is performed 3-4 times per day.

Dissolve in a glass of boiled cold water 20 drops of tincture of Arnica montana pharmacy and in the resulting solution moisten nipples. Useful to do on the chest daily steam baths. For this purpose, decoctions of birch leaves, flowers St. John's wort, or chamomile. After the bath should be put on chest cool compresses.

Good help in the fight against cracks on the nipples warm poultice of the leaves of parsley and lubrication nipples 3-4 times a day with butter or lard any poultry.

Cook 1 tablespoon of cream crushed leaves of aloe and mullein flowers skipetrovidnogo. The blended components are stored in a refrigerator. Morning and evening, apply a means for patients nipples, and then fix the chest warm bandage over his shoulder.

Before and after feeding wash useful chest 2% boric th water, and then boiled oil or fresh egg yolk. The yolk should be good to dry to form a crust.

And, of course, an important place in the fight against cracks on the nipple given to their prevention. Follow proper hygiene chest wash it with soap and water, rub with a rough towel, conduct air baths.

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