How to get rid of acne scars

How to get rid of acne scars
 Often, even after you get rid of acne, face looks far from perfect: culprit traces of acne and scarring from inflammation. Fortunately, showing enough persistence to get rid of these troubles quite easily.  

First we need to remember that in the fight against acne scars important two procedures: exfoliation and recovery. Exfoliation we remove the skin and reddish victim ugly traces, and reducing procedures give the new layer of skin formed much faster.


So, exfoliate your skin with scrubs and exfoliation. Choose soft scrub, can not be allowed mikrotravmirovaniya skin and even more inflammation. Well, if he will cream base or a high content of natural ingredients. If you do not have very sensitive skin, choose a scrub with salicylic acid, it helps fight fine with scars, as has excellent exfoliating properties. You should also do whitening and cleansing mask (for example, clay or cucumber), which will trace the scars are much less noticeable and perfectly healthy skin.


To restore the skin after acne is very useful to wash infusion of chamomile, which has disinfectant, astringent and healing properties. Wash chamomile extract at least once a day and let the skin to dry yourself.


Ddya restore the skin as extremely important hydration: after treatment with a mild disinfectant skin tonic, apply a light moisturizing gel with natural extracts. Tincture of chamomile - a real panacea for a variety of skin problems. She is an excellent pores, disinfects and regenerates the skin, helping to form a healthy layer.


Locally use absorbable gels and ointments scarring (eg, gel "Kontraktubeks"). But all of a person should not be applied, since the probability of allergy or irritation.

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