Features skin care at night before bedtime

Features skin care at night before bedtime
 Moisturizing and nourishing components face creams are best learned at night, when the muscles are completely relaxed, and enhanced cellular respiration. In other words, at a time until your body is asleep, the skin begins to work hard. During sleep, the cells are updated, the skin recovers from the daily stress and the impact of adverse factors. Therefore, evening skin care - an important procedure to maintain youth and beauty of the face.

Care for the skin you need every day as follows: cleansing, toning, nutrition and hydration. Skin Care Tools should be appropriate for its type. It is advisable to use at the same time-tested, high-quality brands.

With daily cleansing the skin is released not only from the makeup, but also from dust and sweat that had accumulated on the surface of the whole day. The easiest way to cleanse your face - to wash it with soap and cosmetic. For these purposes, various commercially available gels for washing and foams which do not contain and overdry the skin caring ingredients, as well as extracts of medicinal herbs. Do not wash with hot water before going to bed, as the high temperature lowers the tone of the skin, leading to premature aging, and hot water can cause increased sebum secretion, which may arise from acne. Therefore wash is better to use cool water.

Once a week after the evening washing procedure is useful to deep cleansing facial. To do this, the skin is necessary to steam over a container with hot water, then use a scrub or mask-peeling. The structure of these funds includes the following components: clay, fruit acid, nutshells, coral chips and others. Procedures for deep cleansing increase blood circulation, improve the access of oxygen to the cells of the skin, remove dead skin particles and deep layer of dirt from the pores.

Should be wiped clean skin by massaging gently with a cotton swab moistened with tonic. Tonic tightens pores and prepares the skin for the application of nourishing cream.

Estheticians are not recommended to use moisturizing creams for the night at a young age. They are better replaced by light nourishing cream. Choose a night cream with vitamins, natural extracts and oils useful: wheat germ, calendula, almond, hazelnut. Oily skin also needs a night feeding as normal and dry.

Experts are of the opinion that the nightly skin care is to be made before 22 pm, because at this time the skin is most prone to caring procedure to actively absorb nutrients.

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