Do not sweat! 7 questions about deodorants and antiperspirants

Do not sweat! 7 questions about deodorants and antiperspirants
 Deodorants and antipersriranty become an integral part of both the women's and men's health. Imagine my life without them is impossible. Did you know that in California exude the smell of sweat in the libraries is illegal? So, what is it like to these inventions of mankind?

What distinguishes antiperspirant deodorant on? Deodorant created in order to mask and neutralize odor and antiperspirant simply blocks the sweat glands and pores, which prevents the formation of active and sweating.

How do deodorant? Deodorant contains many elements that make the environment for living bacteria is extremely unfavorable, which is a neutralizing effect. Try to choose a deodorant without alcohol content, otherwise you risk to break the natural ph-level of the skin, it will weaken its own ability to defend against bacteria.

Can deodorant or antiperspirant harm health? Yes, may, if you did not read and acquire composition means aluminum and other metals, which include the formulation of effective as an odor neutralizer. Furthermore, such deodorants provoke asthmatic episodes, is extremely harmful to the respiratory tract and how scientists demonstrated long-term use may cause Alzheimer! In general, only 11 percent of the conventional deodorant components have been tested for safety.

How should apply deodorants and antiperspirants? They need to be applied only on clean, dry skin. Try to give your skin a little break right after shave, deodorant and applied through a small amount of time. Discard the antiperspirant or deodorant, if the skin has small cuts, even the smallest - it can lead to irritation.

Can I use a deodorant or antiperspirant to different people? In the case of the roller means or solid deodorant - in any case because they can be carriers of bacteria remaining on the applicator.

Is it possible to enhance the effectiveness of deodorant? Yes, if you use an effective anti-bacterial gel, as well as from time to time otshulushivat skin under the arms, because some deodorants and antiperspirants dissolve soap and water is bad enough, and how to "accumulate" their residues on the skin. Also, it is important to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water - this will save your body from unpleasant odors, and your natural smell is almost neutral.

How to protect your clothes from the white spots? Very simple: make sure that as part of your deodorant was not aluminum chloride, because it is the cause of discoloration and dark colored items.

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