Determine your skin tone

Determine your skin tone
 To select the color cosmetics and even clothes need to know the tone of your skin. This is very important because it incorrectly selected shade of tone or other means can give a person an unhealthy or unnatural appearance.

Methods for determining skin tone a lot. You can choose the one that seems more comfortable, or to try everything.

First of all, it should be noted that the skin tone may be neutral, cold or warm. Cold tone gives a bluish tinge to the skin, and usually with a warm yellow or golden touch. The neutral tone is usually difficult to attribute to any kind - it usually has a beige shade, although the nature of the rare people who could be unequivocally attributed to some type.

The most accurate way - compared with skin color white. This can use a sheet of paper or cloth. Only need to pick a pure white color, without impurities. Attach background material to the neck in daylight (but not direct sunlight) and see to what shade more prone skin. If you notice a cool blue notes, and then a cold tone. If you notice a yellow tinge, then warm tone. And if you are not sure and can not pinpoint, then most likely you have a neutral tone.

Another quick way to determine the tone - Look at the veins on the wrist. If they have a greenish tint, so the skin warm hue, and if blue - so cold.

You can also ask friends or watch yourself, what color clothes you are best suited. If you have a cool skin tone, then you are likely to fit the following colors and shades: cool pinks, fuchsia, lilac, violet, plum, blue shades, blue, turquoise, cool shades of green. Warm skin tone fit these colors: warm shades of pink (salmon), coral, red, warm shades of brown, orange, warm yellow, olive, green, warm colors (such as "protective" green). If you notice that you are almost all colors, so you have a neutral skin tone.

A similar test can be carried out with precious metals. Take the gold and silver ornaments, and see what you do is. So gold is more suitable for people with a warm skin tone, and silver - cold.

Ask friends to help you in the store or seller of cosmetics - man looking at you from the side, will be able to more accurately determine your type.

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