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 Working women to be beautiful is vital, because we have met so far on clothes (ie, in appearance), and often escorted by her well. However, the working woman to be beautiful is not easy, because the midnight vigil office the next morning pour out in circles under the eyes, a dozen cups of coffee, drinks in the nervous system, reflected in the dull complexion, a permanent seat at the computer leads to muscle weakness and loss slimming silhouette. Sad situation, is not it? However, modern cosmetology now offers a wealth of facilities and programs for those who are always busy. All you have to do - it is only the desire to be beautiful.

Face - your business card ...
... And it is unlikely someone decide to challenge this assertion. Therefore - will have to pay full attention to the person and make a mandatory list regular skin care. First of all, it is a simple, seemingly domestic procedures that skimp many women under the pretext of fatigue. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing - all these simple steps will take 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening, however, will be more than useful for exhausted city skin conditions. Although there are a number of fine points: that the effect was evident (or more precisely, on the face), you must use only high-quality cosmetics, picking it by type and condition of the skin. Best of all - to go to a consultation with an experienced beautician, he will determine the needs of your epidermis and recommend not only the brand and ingredients, but also the specific means, as well as tell you how to use them correctly. And do not try to dissuade a catastrophic lack of time! Now most aesthetic clinics and salons are open on weekends and late at night. 

In addition to home care, modern business woman may wish to consult the professionals and take advantage of special rapid methods that in a short time can achieve impressive results. This is especially true for women who have already stepped thirty years abroad, because if in his youth was enough to sleep well to skin had a healthy glow, now probably need additional funds. According to experts of the clinic of laser cosmetology Naomi, there are a lot of relevant express technologies - for example, ultrasonic peeling, air facial massage using ozonated oils, a variety of refreshing, firming and moisturizing mask of professional cosmetic lines. However, if the time you are quite limited, and look dazzling still need to, we recommend you try out a new procedure called «push-up».

«Push-up» (not to be confused with the kind of clothes!) Is a rapid lifting with all the ensuing results. After just one treatment noticeably freshens the face, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, the skin becomes healthy and if updated. The procedure takes two hours and is designed just for those who can not spend a lot of time to care for themselves. There is only one predictable negative: like most rapid methods, «push-up» provides short-term results.
Want to be beautiful always and everywhere? Then we'll deal with them constantly, and not from time to time!

Black Eyes
The skin around the eyes - one of the most sensitive areas of our face, because at this point there are no sebaceous glands, which means that the epidermis is too thin and too susceptible to the adverse impacts of the environment. The constant lack of sleep, stress, general fatigue under the eyes dark circles appear, the skin loses its elasticity and freshness, the first wrinkles appear ("crow's feet"). Exit? Again - comprehensive care, which includes both domestic and professional treatments. At the same time begin to care for the area around the eye as soon as possible - with almost 20 years. Believe me, caught on 35 - will be too late.

The first step, we recommend that you purchase a quality cream for centuries. It is desirable that it consisted of natural ingredients, fruit acids, tocopherol and sunscreen SPF factor. Supplemented by home care can be in the salon or clinic of aesthetic medicine. What's the difference? Inside, you will likely be offered a half-hour procedure is to cleanse the skin, applying masks and special gels. But the clinic is usually a much more capable and can promise a much more pronounced results.

According to Irina Schukina (clinic Naomi), for all procedures on the eyelids is optimized neodymium laser of a new generation. Penetrating deep into the dermis, it stimulates the natural processes of collagen and thus prevents age-related changes of the skin. The same laser helps to remove dark circles (unless, of course, they are not associated with serious functional diseases) and not only prevent the formation of wrinkles, but also eliminates the existing ones. What else is good, this technique because it is minimal time spent: enhanced production of collagen continues for another six months after the procedure and eliminates the need for frequent visits to a specialist.

Caring for the body
Despite the fact that the classical business style may very well hide all the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, do not leave your figure without attention. In the end, you're sure to want to feel confident, not only in the walls of native office, but also on the beach, well, it will have to try and carve out in his work schedule at least a little time for fitness. In this case, no one obliges you to go to the gym and blissfully doing bench presses, twisting and downs! Engaged in dancing, jogging in the morning, go to the pool, learn capoeira or tennis. You will see that it will not only help you find the perfect figure, but significantly diversifies your life, make it more intense and expand the circle of acquaintances. Well, to secure the results can apply to cosmetic procedures correction.

As is the case with a facial, here you will need a harmonious blend of home and professional methods. As to the first, recommend staying on multifunction tools that simultaneously moisturize the skin and model silhouette. Pawn efficiency - the presence in their composition components such as caffeine, carnitine, essential oils, enhancing the action of major components. Apply these drugs have regularly once or twice a day.

In turn, the professional pampering diverse now than ever - you are offering as many spa-treatments and the latest achievements of hardware cosmetology. Which is better? Depends on the initial state of your body, and on the result you want to achieve. If your primary goal - to relax with health benefits, choose a spa. If seriously focus on the fight against excess centimeters, better to stay on hardware techniques. And remember that only a comprehensive approach to care for themselves is able to provide you a great appearance. Well, the time ... if you want it because there will always be?

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