All the ball!

 Spring ... once we heart ached in anticipation of the last call, exams, prom. With the end of school, so to speak, ended in childhood and adult life began - the one about which we dreamed of in the past classes. And the final ball was the boundary that separates school examinations from entrance exams!

But what could be there to remember: our cheer Soviet childhood ended. But our grown daughter, and the second time you can survive the events of the "last call - Exams - prom - entrance exams" with them!

Meals. Naturally, the first thing that should take care this summer - it's child nutrition, experiencing a lot of stress. It was during this time you can buy sokvyzhimalku, if you have not done so. Glass of fruit juice in the morning (150 grams - 200) and the same vegetable in the afternoon - and your child FAST and fully sated with every imaginable vitamins and minerals.

To replenish protein balance can be usedprotein shakes. They not only give strength, saturate diet with amino acids, but also to prevent the emergence of excess body weight, the inevitable consequences of sitting on Libraries and the desk ...

Most likely, during exams instead of useful and healthy food graduate will try to eat junk and unhealthy, for example, are too rich in sugar and fat commercial chocolate bars. Yes, health - chocolate during exams needed! But such sweetness can be replaced, for example, uniqueBarsWhich are the same delicious, but depleted in fat and enriched with fiber, which excludes from the children of constipation and the same examination unwanted weight gain.

In any case, watchover weight your child: now it anyway, but after the exams have to fit into a ball gown, and then start the tears ... To ensure the home at least some physical activity, you can buy funny and useful simulator - outdoor grace, or stepper, or shiatsu massage hoop. You do have where to twist hoop house? ...

Most likely, you will need to adjust sleep. For better sleep at night brew cocoa 150 - 200 ml of low-fat milk - this drink at the same time to saturate the body with iron and prevent the emergence of anemia. You can use homeopathic drops Knott type or other mild sedative, even good old glycine.

In the room the student can create additional favorable conditions using oil burner. Aromas of citrus, geranium, pine needles stimulate and lavender, vanilla, rosemary, rose soothe and help sleep.

But hereexams behindAnd there was only a prom. This is an unforgettable event in the life of every young girl ... But what if she was pale, emaciated. Not had time to get a tan, circles under the eyes? Use cosmetics!AvtobronzantyRussian companies are made on a natural basis and will not cause any harm to the skin of the young - nothing but good. Apart from these, your little girl was old enough to get his first cosmetic set in gift - and a day cream and lotion. ButScrub on the basis of celandine a must when youthful acne!

Dress you ordered in advance, and during exams child still put on weight? Stop screaming and crying - you can helpcorset or grace! Yes, it is not a panacea to the figure, but it fit into the clothes a size smaller can help! Yes and slim girl will probably be pleased to receive a gift like "adult" elegant and comfortable underwear. It comes from the smallest to the most impressive size, so maybe my mother wants to look their best.
 And in general - do not forget the rule that fit dress half depends on the qualitylinen!

Well, your baby is beautiful, like a fairy! Surely soon prizhuzhzhit some elf prince ...

Whisk tears from parental eyes: not so bad. You have now started a special life. Girl adult, and although you never stop worrying about it, now is the time to do them. Would you like toa special weight loss program?

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