How to choose a facial

How to choose a facial
 Some women are concerned about the care of the skin, they buy a wide variety of cosmetic products for this purpose, but, unfortunately, not many people know the basic principles of care for their appearance, and because often all efforts go to waste.
 In order to find the right skin care, you need to start to know what type of your skin.

For oily skin is characterized by active sebaceous glands, grayish complexion and a tendency to the appearance of acne and pimples. Dry skin also gives a feeling of tightness and dryness, prone to flaking. The most common combination skin type - when on the forehead, chin and nose skin is oily and the cheeks - dry. And a rare type of skin - normal, with no inclination to dry or oily shine.

After determining your skin type, it is easier to choose the right cosmetics and care regimen. Thus, dry skin is contraindicated alcohol-containing cosmetics and oily skin, on the contrary, such podsushivayuschee suitable means. Conversely, for dry skin will need creams and tonics that are high in fatty oils and water.

To choose the right facial, must take into account the season and climate. However, despite this, there are basic principles that need to know every girl. There are three main stages of facial skin care.

The first - a cleansing. It is best not to use water and soap and apply for this cleansing lotion, lotion or cream suitable for your skin type. Be sure to clean the skin at night, because during the day it is under the influence of the environment is experiencing a major impact of negative factors, so that the pores of the skin become clogged. Cleansing is necessary and each time before you are going to apply make-up, even in the morning.

The second step is toning. It is necessary to make the skin more elastic, to prepare it for exposure cream.

The third stage - hydration or nutrition using a suitable cream or serum.

In addition to these procedures, you must make periodic deep cleaning at the cosmetician. Also, do not neglect masks and peeling (exfoliation), it will deeply nourish the skin with nutrients and make it smooth and soft.

Be sure to use products containing UV protection, especially in the summer. Do not forget that in order to keep the skin in good condition, you need a good sleep, good nutrition and massage.

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