Homemade facial masks of grapefruit

Homemade facial masks of grapefruit
 The use of grapefruit in cosmetology due to its composition - it contains high amounts of vitamins, pectins, precious essential oils. Grapefruit, like all citrus, is one of the main components of domestic masks for the face.
 Prepare a mixture of grapefruit juice and flour - the consistency should be appropriate to hold onto his face, not spreading, for 20 minutes. Remove the mask should cool water. This mask allows you to get rid of excess sebum, refines and tightens pores.

As well tightens the skin and has a bleaching effect of the cold mask of grapefruit. Prepare the flesh - separate film and remove seeds from the fruit, good mash mass. Mix the pulp with yogurt or sour milk - will need two tablespoons. Remove the mixture in a cool place (on the balcony or in the fridge) for an hour, then remove and use for its intended purpose - spread it on your face. The mask should nourish the skin for half an hour - a change of temperature you will enjoy relaxing the muscles. Rinse with warm water mask.

Alternative to the previous prescription - hot mask of grapefruit. It can be used for power supply and purification of normal and combination skin. Dissolve yeast fresh grapefruit juice (1: 3), put the container with the mixture into a wider bowl with hot water. Heated mass apply on your face, let all the active ingredients will be absorbed, and after the procedure wash with a weak infusion of green tea. A person can be rinsed with water at a pleasant temperature.

Grapefruit can be used for dry and delicate skin - just choose the right ingredients. Mix equal parts of grapefruit juice and honey, add them to the egg yolk - stirred a lot put on the skin. The second option - a mixture of grapefruit juice with vegetable oil and fat sour cream.

Contained in the grapefruit antioxidants enable its use in anti-aging formulations.

1. Carrot juice, sour cream, rice flour (all in equal proportions) dilute a little a lot of grapefruit juice. After half an hour, remove the mask and wipe the face a slice of grapefruit.
2. Freeze grapefruit slices in the freezer and wipe the face with a frozen pulp, performing circular massage movements.
3. Oatmeal crush, dissolve and pour yogurt grapefruit juice - a mask cleanses the skin and smooths wrinkles.

Valuable nutritional properties of grapefruit used for moisturizing and cleansing of any type.

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