Tasty and healthy: artichoke

Tasty and healthy: artichoke
 Artichoke - a vegetable that looks like a giant clover, or rather, a huge lump. Only green with blue or purple hue, or vice versa, purple with a green tint. Young artichoke size of an egg, large - three times more like an apple or an orange. Edible is "inch" or rather fleshy part of it roots in food are not used.

Also known 5000 years ago, artichoke, already considered a delicacy, endowed to the same unusual properties. In Russia, it remains a culinary curiosity so far. Knowledgeable people can cook artichokes dozens of dishes - from salads and soups, to restaurant meals with complex names.

Artichokes are boiled, stuffed, and young fruits are eaten raw. On the palate, they are somewhat similar to nuts. As nuts, artichokes contained in a large amount of protein. This vegetable is rich in the content of vitamins C and B, as well as mineral salts, iron and calcium.

Artichoke helps to cleanse and rejuvenate the body, is used in diseases of diabetes and cardiovascular system. The ancients considered a very strong aphrodisiac, it is even ready for future use in large quantities, ie, canned, in modern parlance, with honey and spices. Among other things, artichokes have antitoxic properties and help from a hangover.

Just cook artichoke - was a recipe. The most difficult and tedious - to clean it. Do not forget to stock up on a lemon, or chopped artichokes darken quickly. Can not be used for their preparation aluminum cookware - only enamel, and on hand if you want you can even wear gloves so as not black.

First you have to break off or cut off the stem of the artichoke, tear external hard leaves and cut off the tip. The cut must sprinkle with lemon juice. Then, remove the inner fibrous part. The result is a pretty cup, which must be immediately greased lemon, and even better dipped in a solution of lemon.

In the same lemon water artichokes are cooked for about 40 minutes, until soft and the leaves are easily separated.

And until the vegetables are cooked, make the sauce. To do this, mix in a blender olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic clove, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Put the finished dressing in the refrigerator.

Cooked artichokes cool in cold water, season with sauce and greens, and bon appetit!

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