Magic joy of eating

Magic joy of eating
 Demand for food - is one of the basic needs of the human body, in addition to the oxygen demand and sleep. But if we do not stop to breathe ever, because in this case simply die, and to sleep there is a certain time, the food is almost no restrictions. Feeling the pleasure of eating, we often forget what has caused this need - hunger or bad mood. What threatens food abuse?  

Language - gustatory organ of a human, one of whose tasks - providing pleasure from food consumed. Of course, we all love a tasty meal. Therefore, there are so many recipes for every taste. Since ancient times people have tried to not just get enough food, but also make it more pleasant to use. Each nation had its own ways. So there were culinary traditions - an integral part of the national cuisine of every nation.

But along with the increasing number of mouth-watering dishes increased, in turn, and the desire to enjoy it. After all, people are very unrestrained in his desire to eat varied and delicious. And there are people who see this as a major joy, and sometimes - the meaning of life ... Many even doing a long and very difficult path to another country only in order to try new exotic dishes of other nations. Even a different culture and local attractions interest them much smaller than the main purpose of travel - food.

The food is very closely linked with pleasure and joy that we anticipate, for example, a short time before the lunch break or after a prolonged hunger strike. It's like a drug, which irritates our pleasure centers, when we get a welcome pleasure. Food just like a dream and tightly associated with our lives. And what's more, even influence it. On how and what we eat depends on our mood and health. Probably all noticed that a well-fed people are much kinder and safer hungry. Most people enjoy a delicious and, most importantly, a lot of food. Of course, this is a good indicator and says that the body is healthy. However, the most delicious and lots of it may just hurt us and become the instigator of many diseases.

How to be in this difficult situation: many and delicious to eat, and be content to wait for surprises from health or to be hungry, but healthy? Solutions to this issue, there are many: different diets and ways of eating, fasting. But the problem is the man who is simply unable to abandon the pleasure that comes with your next meal. We certainly need to experience the joy of eating, but do not go beyond. If, eating a candy bar after another, you will not be able to stop, it's time to seriously think about it. This is the same relationship as smoking or alcohol, which is not to be held to the body without a trace. Relate to food need too cautious.

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