Fuchsia from cuttings

Fuchsia from cuttings
 Fuchsia - the plant is quite rare, it is not often sold in flower shops. You can purchase it in the mail (in this case, you will be sent stalk) or ask friends who have this wonderful flower. This is the simplest and easiest method of propagation of this magnificent plant.

So, you were cuttings of fuchsias. Cut the escape angle clean and sharp knife and put into small pots with fertile and loose pochvosmesi by preparing the ground of equal parts of peat, sand and leaf mold. Pots with cuttings put in a makeshift teplichku of plastic bags, although sometimes they are well rooted and without it.

Another good way to root cuttings - put them in peat tablet pre-soak it in water, and after a time to plant them in a pot on a constant.

Grafted plant rooting and better in the spring, during its active growth over the summer it will escalate good foliar mass. To form a bush, the top of the cutting prischipnite. Then pinch the ends of the side shoots formed after every third pair of leaves. Thus, in a few months you will get a lovely and compact shrub.

Autumn plant ceases to grow, and it must provide the rest. To do this, reduce watering and place it in a cool place with a temperature of not more than ten degrees above zero.

With the onset of spring plant transplant into a larger container, and as soon as the shoots will appear in the growth and fresh leaves, fuchsia can be grafted again, and get a lot of new plants. However, please note that you can only grafted healthy and strong flower.

After trimming fuchsia put on the window sill close to the light. But away from direct sunlight. It is also possible bit pritenit it using curtain or sheet of paper. Water the flower as the drying of the upper layer of the earth in a pot, but do not allow water to stagnate. Regularly fertilize fertilizer for flowering fuchsia plants. This should be done after watering. In addition, the plant is gratefully responds to spray warm water.

Fuchsia does not like it is moved from place to place. Find a suitable location for the plant in the house, and she will thank you abundant and incredibly beautiful long flowering.

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