Floriculture in your home

Floriculture in your home
 Modern citizen has not so many opportunities to visit the countryside. Beautiful flowers he often sees only the summer in the flowerbeds. But you can create in his apartment Area, where there will be eternal summer, perfection of forms, wonderful flavors. Houseplants create a unique atmosphere in the apartment. Many of them can be extremely helpful for colds or injuries. If your home has a musical instruments, the colors you just need as soon as they create the necessary humidity.  

Deciding to do indoor horticulture, primarily consider a few things. Plants are light-loving, shade-loving and shade-tolerant. If you have dark apartment, you hardly makes sense to acquire light-loving plants, or else will have to do additional illumination. Ask which category the plant can be in a flower shop. If you decide to take the process with friends, see where there is a plant, and which side of the thick foliage. In light-loving flowers are always more leaves from the windows, in shade-loving - on the contrary.

Do you have enough free time to care for flowers? If you're short on time, whimsical plants you will not fit. Choose those that do not need a lot of messing around. Any flowers have to replant, crop, pinch and, of course, water. Try to keep your green inhabitants of the sill is not too suffered from your emergency employment.

Think about where there will be flowers. Located in an apartment they can be different. You can select a special corner where they will stand together. This can be a window sill or a special counter. Make sure to properly locate all of your guests. Closer to the light source must be light-loving plants. If they all belong to this category, put them so that the lighting was uniform.

Flowers can be delivered individually and in various corners of the apartment. It is necessary to take into account the functional purpose of each room. Kitchen - fairly warm place, besides there is high humidity. Accordingly, in this part of the apartment is better positioned plants that love the heat and moisture. It can be various types of Tradescantia, Chlorophytum. In the large kitchen you can put ficus or fern. By the way, fern chuvstvovuet do well in the bathroom. As in the kitchen, you are likely to be quite often, can be arranged here fruit trees, for which you need a good care: orange, lemon or coffee.

Selection of plants for the rest of the rooms depends on the number and size, as well as the style of the interior. Small apartment, where one room is the bedroom and living room, and an office can be divided into zones with the help of supports for flowers, or one or two large plants in tubs. Large pots can be placed directly on the floor. They can grow Monstera, Ficus, sansevera. The shelves can be arranged collection of cacti and other small succulents. If the room is very small, but the flowers still want to breed, be wise to hang on the wall suitable for the style and size of pots.

Bedroom suit flowers generally odorless or with a slight sweet flavor. Often planted geraniums in the bedrooms can be located here and a few uzambarskih violets. From large plants most suitable ficus.

Is it possible to plant flowers in the nursery? It is better to choose those who can care for the child. Flowers should be with large leaves and beautiful flowers. In addition, they should not pose a danger. It is hardly necessary to put in the nursery cactus. The apartment where the kids live, you can not put oleander, because it is poisonous. But begonia or a ficus for a child's room is quite suitable.

Oddly enough, the flowers can grow even in the hallway. Illumination there is certainly small. But you need to choose the flowers and those that do not like light, like tsissusa or carnations. In the wild they live in heavily shaded areas, so that entrance of a city apartment for them is not terrible.

For medicinal plants can allocate a separate place. This can be a window sill or stand. Here you can put several species of aloe, kalanchoe, Bryophyllum. Sap of some plants will help with a cold, the leaves of the other - to stop the bleeding and accelerate wound healing.

Before you plant flowers read as they multiply. Not all plants should be placed in the water, so they gave the roots. In most cases, of course, do just that, but cacti should be planted directly into the ground, but still be dried and sprinkled ashes on the cut. Similarly, plant and aloe, and some other succulents. On the large veins of leaf begonias can make cuts and put a sheet on the ground, covered glass jar. Some plants reproduce only by dividing the bush.

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