Features of cultivation of chrysanthemums

Features of cultivation of chrysanthemums
 Lush and charming bushes chrysanthemums decorated with flower beds from July to late autumn, despite the cold, wind and rain, even when most flowers have long faded. Cut chrysanthemum long wither, decorating the interior with its bright colors and filled the house with exquisite bitter flavor.

Chrysanthemums adorned the gardens of ancient China 2,500 years ago. In addition? this flower decorated rooms and used in cooking. Chrysanthemum - the favorite flower of the Japanese. For them it is a symbol of longevity. However, in Europe, chrysanthemums were introduced only in the late XVIII century, but they quickly won the hearts of gardeners.

Plants are not demanding to soil composition, but it should be carefully choose the location for flowers. They need a sunny location and good drainage.

Ripple chrysanthemum can be seeds, cuttings or division of the bushes. And cuttings take root quite well, even if broken off side shoot from a flower, standing in water and plant it in the ground, then soon it will give new leaves and root.

To propagate the plant by dividing the bush, dig it in the spring, separated from it by a part with roots and plant. Adults bushes chrysanthemums should be divided so that every three years, in this case, the flowering will be lush.

Another important point in growing chrysanthemums - correct nipping bushes, which allows to develop more uniform lateral peduncles. As a result, the bush will look more decorative and tidy. To do this, in the early summer prischipnite the top of the plant by about five centimeters. But it turned out to root cuttings can get a lot of planting material. In addition, it should be removed regularly stepsons.

Some chrysanthemum form quite high bushes that reach five feet. These plants need support. These may be metal or wooden pegs interconnected wires or special mesh, which can be purchased at the store. Such a grid is set around the bush and fixed wire. Do not worry about the appearance, when the bush will grow, it will not be visible.

Caring for a flower is pretty simple. It boils down to a plentiful watering, weeding and loosening the soil. The plant is very responsive to the mineral dressing, which is carried out from three to seven times per season.

Flowering chrysanthemums can be extended to winter. For this purpose it is necessary to cross a plant in a container and move it in a greenhouse or home.

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