Dieffenbachia: breeding and care

Dieffenbachia: breeding and care
 Dieffenbachia is quite common in apartments. It should be noted, is a beautiful plant that has a large white and green decorative leaves, well-decorated interior. Dieffenbachia is growing rapidly.

Dieffenbachia came to Russia from American jungle. That's why include dieffenbachia house is quite difficult. This plant requires a certain temperature and humidity.

Before cultivating dieffenbachia, you need to find a suitable location for this home plants. Be sure to take into account the fact that the plant shall be in the shade. Should not be allowed to hit dieffenbachia sunlight. In winter, the plant must be in a room where the temperature is 18 ° C. Always make sure that the substrate was not cool air. Note dieffenbachia is exclusively house plant. It is not recommended its stand on a balcony or on the street, even in summer. Year-round plant should be in the room.

Dieffenbachia watered with warm, soft water. Furthermore, it needs regular spraying. The soil should be kept moist, but in winter you need excessive watering still be avoided.

Dieffenbachia fertilizer every week. For this purpose, suitable fertilizer for flowers, which contain little lime. As the fertilizer can also be used hydroponic feeding. If you do not have a complex fertilizer mild, then take half this dose.

Reproduction dieffenbachia made quite simple. To do this, apical or stem cuttings should be planted in moist substrate horizontally, kidneys up. Roots will appear only when the soil temperature is not lower than 25 degrees. Dieffenbachia will be well received by film cap. Germination is often used teplichku for seedlings.

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