What to do if you have an accident? The main thing is do not panic!

What to do if you have an accident? The main thing is do not panic!
 The risk of being involved in an accident are at each driver, regardless of its ability to control the car. How calm and do not panic if you happen traffic accident?
 If no one was hurt physically, nothing terrible has happened. Try to realize that trouble just touched beloved car, which certainly is insured, the repair will return to her former appearance and shine.

No need to immediately leave the area and run to inspect the damage acquired. If the accident occurred involving several vehicles, the contact with the driver may end banal quarrel. Give yourself a few minutes, take it easy. Call family or friends. You will be very useful now part warm and sober advice.

Coming out of the car, try to improve relations with the second party to the accident. It is necessary to engage in a constructive dialogue with each other, negotiate, solving difficult organizational problems. Try to stay neutral, do not affect the personal qualities and those that may offend a stranger.

Other participants of the accident will probably try to convince you that you are the only culprit accident. Do not be afraid and do not let yourself be intimidated. Remember that correctly and objectively assess the situation can only the traffic police. If the reaction of people is clearly inadequate, it is better to stop talking and move to his car, waiting for the traffic police representatives.

In the event that your innocence is obvious, you can offer the option of immediate monetary compensation. However, without a professional inspection of technical damage is not necessary to agree on the financial damages. At first glance it is difficult to notice all the damages: there is, over time revealed new problems in the mechanical parts of the machine. Having decided on the possibility of an agreement between the affected parties, be sure to write to each other receipts of the absence of mutual claims to avoid further litigation and new accusations against him.

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