Propagated by seeds of Cyclamen

Propagated by seeds of Cyclamen
 Cyclamen - a beautiful houseplant, belongs to the family Primulaceae. Spectacular not only the original flowers of this plant, but also juicy heart-shaped leaves. Particularly pleased that cyclamen flowers in the autumn and winter season, when so lacking in bright colors. Cyclamen believe whimsical flower because of its insistence to low temperatures. But despite this grow it from seed is not so difficult.

Today on sale there are many different varieties of cyclamen. Purchasing seeds, pay attention to the color of the petals and leaves. In cyclamen beaters can be from pale pink to dark purple. Check with the purchase date of packing and the shelf life of seeds. The fresher they are, the easier it will sprout.

Prepare seeds for sowing. For better naklevyvaniya them to soak for 12 hours in a solution of bio-stimulator (Appin, zircon) or slaborozovogo solution of potassium permanganate.

To plant seeds in small pots need or parnichok. Flower loose ground with admixture of sand pour in the selected container. Note the seeds germinate cyclamen the absence of light, so the pot can be with an opaque cover. You can put the seeds at a distance of 2-3 cm apart at a depth of 1 cm. Sprinkle them with earth and close the lid of the pot. Try to maintain a temperature no higher germination 18-20 ° C. If the temperature rises, the seeds can fall asleep, and when it falls below 18 ° C, may simply rot.

Do not expect quick results because germinate seeds cyclamen long, especially in some varieties, so do not discard become familiar pot. Sprouts can appear in one, two months, and sometimes after six months. Do not forget to moisten the substrate and ventilate the pot.

As soon as the shoots, remove the cover and put the pot on the light, but do not expose the tender shoots of direct sunlight. Young plants are knotted at the time the tubers.

Time picks for cyclamen comes with the emergence of the plants of the two leaflets. Carefully transplant them into a more spacious capacity and covered nodules ground. After 6 months, the plants are ready for transplanting in their own individual pot. Position it so that the tuber was at one-third above the ground. Maintain a temperature of about 16 ° C and moderate watering flower.

Cyclamen bloom at 1, 5-2 years after planting. Once flowering is over, it is necessary to transplant the plant again. All podvyavshie and gently remove dry leaves and tubers, place in a pot slightly priporoshit his land. Remember, adult plant also needs your care.

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