Peonies: Pets Chinese emperors and Greek Gods

Peonies: Pets Chinese emperors and Greek Gods
 This flower attracts a huge variety of colors and shapes, their decorative shrubs and flowering duration. Peonies are well adapted to different climatic conditions, and grow in areas with an arid climate, with severe winters.

The first mention of pions dates back to the II century BC During the reign of the Han and Qin. In addition since the time of the ancient world this wonderful and beautiful flower growing and as a medicinal plant. Pliny the Elder - Roman philosopher, described the 20 diseases that can be cured by means of rhizomes flower.

In contemporary China, the peony is still considered the national flower, he is credited with magical properties that protect against evil spirits. It is believed that even a simple image of peony depressing effect on them. At present, the worldwide spread of species of peony and forty five thousand varieties.

If you decide to plant in your flower garden peonies, then make sure in advance of the soil. Plants prefer loamy soil and does not tolerate damp, boggy ground. So if you have the area ground water come close to the surface of the soil, the shrubs planted at a high ridges or arrange a drainage ditch.

Prepare the planting hole in advance in July to the time of planting land settled. The depth of the pit should be 60-70 cm to the bushes were able to build-up a strong root system. Between the wells leave a distance of one meter. At the bottom, pour a mixture of organic fertilizers: well rotted manure, compost, 200 g of superphosphate and the same amount of potassium sulfate, add this mixture of garden soil nutrient.

Peony rhizomes can be planted in the ground from mid-August to mid-September. If you decide to buy it in the store, you will notice that on delenki had three or better five major kidney. Root collar clean, sick and twisted roots cut, and the others, if necessary, shortened by 10-15 centimeters. Next, lower the root of a saturated solution of potassium permanganate for several hours, and then all slices sprinkle with charcoal or ash. Delenki air dry in the shade.

In the prepared pit will land rhizome, try not to bury the kidneys. They should be at a depth of no more than five centimeters, otherwise it will be bad peony blossom, and if the kidneys are close to the surface, the plant will be sick.

To peony well entrenched, immediately after planting abundantly water the plant. It now remains to wait until spring and see if caught on a flower. It will bloom only in the third year after planting. In the first two years of caring for the pion is abundant irrigation and foliar feeding every two weeks. Possible to feed the plant with a solution of urea (50 g) per 10 liters of water. And from the third year he needs fertilizer. Especially nitrogen and potassium. After watering the soil around the bushes necessarily proryhlit.

To get big beautiful flowers, remove side buds. But if you want to prolong flowering, do not remove these buds. By following these recommendations, you will certainly get chic and truly royal flowers.

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