Learn to take pictures

Learn to take pictures
 To take pictures of high level, it is necessary not only to have a good camera, but also own techniques and artistic knowledge in the field of photography. Also aspiring photographer should be observant and attentive to be able to find interesting stories for the frame.
 Once you have purchased the camera, do not be lazy to look through the instructions and read the basic requirements for the use of this machine. Start with those items that are most interesting to you. Do not forget to refer to the manual whenever you encounter an unknown button on the camera, or want to make the desired settings for taking pictures.

Beginning photographer is very helpful to develop observation. Walking along the street, look around and look for interesting subjects to shoot. In literate songs all objects in the frame must create an image in harmony with each other and carry some meaning.

If your camera has a variety of shooting modes (such as "portrait", "landscape", "sport", etc.), try to take some pictures in each mode depending on the shooting conditions. If you want to create professional images, you need to learn how to use the following parameters styles: aperture, shutter speed (exposure), focus, light sensitivity (ISO). However, it should be noted that some "Soap" no manual adjustments of parameters are specified only the extreme values ​​of aperture and shutter speed is set automatically. A detailed explanation and practical tips on setting the parameters can be found in the academic literature on the pictures or on specialized sites on the Internet. At first, until you learn how to manually put all the parameters, you can use the automatic mode.

Shoot as many pictures from different angles, in different lighting conditions and under different conditions. Learn to choose the right composition, perspective and foreshortening. After the photo shoot carefully consider your photos on your computer, make conclusions for themselves regarding shooting modes, composition. Healthy criticism to yourself - the best help in cultivation.

For any level photographer is very useful to spread the most successful amateur photos on the site. There you can not only get the criticism about the pictures, but also to gain valuable experience and get competent advice.

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