Drink real coffee

Drink real coffee
 Those for whom the cup of coffee in the morning - the best start to the day, never to talk about "harmful or helpful this drink." Its invigorating fragrance delight and love for him no room to reason. A cup of hot coffee in the morning for this coffee lover - not just a drink, and almost ritual, without which the whole next day can not help but wonder.  

Decorated with real human existence coffee, oddly enough, goats. One Ethiopian herder from Caffa noticed that goats, lacquer leaves low trees with reddish berries, came to a strange excitement. Supervisory shepherd did not like either the leaves or berries, but he felt a sudden surge of vitality.

The monks from a nearby monastery who shepherd told about strange berries, tried to push "sleepless" berries in water. The resulting drink is bitter indeed as a hand removes fatigue and drowsiness. So secret was discovered oblong red berries, vaults goats crazy.

In old Russia was an elite coffee drinks, coffee shops going educated people, written brilliant lines, sparkling works inspired coffee and uttering the immortal flights of fancy.

With the advent of Soviet-era culture of consumption of the coffee in the specially designated institutions actually destroyed. In the course were soluble coffee drinks that were served in cafes and canteens.

Now a cup of real coffee can afford each. Coffee - it relieve fatigue and vigor appears, ease of mind and quick wit, a leisurely conversation with friends or colleagues.

Currently, there are lots of ways to use recipes and coffee. On the shelves of the supermarket variety of coffee: instant, ground and beans, Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica - the most important type of coffee in the world - different flavor characteristics. Best Arabica Yemen Mocha considered less valuable recognized Brazilian and Colombian varieties. But of all, without exception, Arabica varieties obtained very fragrant and soft drink.

Robusta - the second most popular type of coffee - has the highest caffeine content in the grains. Robusta coffee from a less flavorful but more tonic. It is generally accepted to mix these two varieties - Robusta coffee gives a fortress, and arabica makes it fragrant and rich.

Coffee connoisseurs believe that you should buy it and grind the beans just before cooking. After all, the aroma of freshly ground coffee can not be compared with the aroma of ground coffee from even the strongest vacuum packaging. Grind coffee is preferable to a simple hand-mill. Because the grinding grains in the electric coffee grinder, and heated by heat evaporates part of the aromatic substances.

Store in an airtight need coffee, well-fitting container, in order to save his precious fragrance as long as possible.

The degree of grinding coffee beans depends primarily on the manner in which you are going to make a drink. If you make coffee in Turku, its particles should be about the size of a grain of sand, coffee pots to make better use of coarsely ground coffee and coffee machines with filter needs dusty fine powder.

By the way, Balzac, the great specialist in the field of coffee, believed that pounded Turkish coffee where fragrant ground.

Two main methods of coffee - Percolation and maceration. For unclear terms tucked familiar and simple things.

Percolation - means the use of a variety of pots, in which boiling water slowly seeps through the ground coffee. On this principle work all modern coffee machines, including a coffee machine. The only difference is that they boiling liquid seeps through the coffee even under pressure. In this extraction process is intensively solutes, and coffee becomes more dense and perfumed.

Maceration of the most common means of brewing coffee. Important in maceration to insist coffee in water at least 5 minutes, otherwise valuable substances do not have time to go into the drink.

The most famous version of the coffee process of maceration - Turkish coffee. Coffee powder mixed with sugar, with cold water three times and heated to boiling (preventing boil). As a result, over the Turks, in which coffee is prepared, rises a kind of cover - a dense foam cap, which does not give the aromatic substances evaporate with the steam. Drink coffee immediately after preparation. If the beverage stand up for a while, the protective "cap" of foam collapse and his wonderful spirit of coffee completely evaporate.

About the harmful effects of caffeine on heart rate, blood pressure and nervous system, we know for a long time. But recently, there are reports that, in reasonable doses, the coffee is not only harmless, but also useful. Studies by American scientists say that 2 cups of coffee a day for women reduce the risk of diabetes and hypertension twice. Italian scientists have found that much less likely to suffer from asthma people who drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day.

Incidentally, it should be noted that the concentration of caffeine in the coffee grounds from the brewed only 1-3%, while in the soluble - about 5%.

Incidentally, the Italians are big fans of coffee, in this case remain healthy nation. Perhaps because of this portion of espresso is only 20 grams. Passing through the coffee in the coffee machine, the hot steam for a few seconds picks out all the most useful and pleasant connection. A heavier fraction - caffeine does not have time for such a short time completely stand out in the drink.

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