What do you have in your suitcase?

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 If you are going on a trip, I want to cover all scenarios: the rain, going to the club, night walk on the boat, spending the night in the mountains. Care should be taken to collect the suitcase, otherwise you risk to be at the station or at the airport with a very heavy load.

Going on vacation, you should think in advance what you put in your suitcase to avoid wasting a lot of time and money on shopping trips in search of more or less forgotten things. Content bags will of course depend on where exactly you are going, but there are things without which no cost, no one tourist. With them and should start.

First of all, take a piece of paper and a pen and break several columns: necessary equipment, first aid kit, clothing, footwear.

The first group includes documents (passport, visa, tickets, money, information about the hotel and the airport, maps, phone numbers, ambulance, police, embassies, etc.).

The list of necessary equipment to fit your mobile phone (most often experienced tourists buy local cards to call home, because it's cheaper), laptop, player and e-book. Cameras and camcorders also help you in the journey. Do not forget chargers, USB cable and memory card!

Visitors can count on medical insurance and assistance to local residents, but still grab a first aid kit, which collect all the medicines for first aid: bandages, cotton wool, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, a patch. Of medicaments suitable aspirin, activated charcoal, etc. tsitramon If you take some pills, make sure that the necessary supply of them have been with you, it is not always safe to buy drugs abroad.

In makeup, except for makeup, put on sun protective equipment (at the resort, they are usually many times more expensive than at home), wipes, alcohol cleanser. It is best to use small pieces of soap, probes shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, as the bottles take up too much space in your luggage, even though you do not use half the money.

Shoes put on the bottom of the suitcase in batches. You should not take a few pairs of shoes of the same type. Necessarily need comfortable shoes for hiking and excursions, clogs flat shoes or ballet flats and houses for the city, high heels - only if you are going to attend a party. Slippers issue in hotels. If you are afraid of drafts, grab a warm socks: you can wander around in them around the room.

When choosing clothes, put your weight on your plans: if you live in a camp, wrinkled shirt hardly surprise anyone from the tent-mates, if every evening will be devoted to the study of the local restaurants, you should pick up a few cocktail dresses. In any case, do not forget about underwear, socks, night shirts, jeans, jackets, T-shirts couple, nemnuschiysya sundress, shorts, skirt. It is better to bet on the accessories (scarves, brooches, earrings, bracelets), so that you can update the same sets. Pick up clothes with the colors and textures of materials, as even with a minimum set of things you can put on varied during the whole trip.

Grab sunglasses, handkerchiefs, folding umbrella, raincoat, a scarf on her head, a small phrase book or guide. Do not take: washing powder, four-volume "War and Peace" and iron. Have a nice trip!

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