Tunisia: in the footsteps of the Bedouin

Tunisia: in the footsteps of the Bedouin
 Located at the northernmost point of Africa, Tunisia is a very convenient country to travel from Europe. On the one hand, the tourists have the opportunity to visit the African continent, on the other - do not spend a lot of time on the flight. In addition, the Republic of Tunisia attracts many guests with its unique mix of Western influence and Eastern traditions.

For more than two thousand years of its existence, Tunisia was conquered by the Romans and Arabs, was part of the Ottoman Empire and became a French colony. Even today, the country now and then feverish political storms. The last one occurred in January 2011, when as a result of popular unrest president fled to Saudi Arabia. However, such excesses do not venture from the Tunisian direction many tourists ,. And the Russian travelers Tunisia popularity is consistently in the top five, along with Turkey, Egypt, Spain and Greece.

The secret of the popularity of Tunisia - in its unique geographical location. It is here that opened the "gates to the Sahara." Hundreds of years ago through the desert were numerous caravans with silk, coffee, gold, oriental spices. Bedouin mercenaries accustomed to stifling heat and dryness of the air, transporting goods merchant in East and Central Africa. In the Sahara could only survive with having an adequate supply of water, food, insensitive to the scorching rays of the sun (most often it was jerky and dried fruit) and white clothes.

Today, in the wake of the Bedouins can take almost any tourist. Excursions from Tunisia in the Sahara, accompanied by local guides - hereditary nomads are very popular. They are designed for one or more days of the trip in the desert is overcome by jeep, part - on camels. Halts are arranged either in oases - villages framed by unexpectedly lush vegetation, or in caves inhabited by ancient tribes troglodytes. Modern equipped expedition food is good, so mirages seen as a result of dehydration, tourists will not get any. But more interesting is all a mirage spectacle of scenery "Star Wars" in the middle of the desert. They are located in Matmata, where the desert winds blown in the rocks once inhabited by the ancient nomadic tribes.

Return to Tunisia from the largest desert in the world like a holiday: the traveler eyes rejoices the brightness of colors in the medina (the main square with the market), and date-palms, growing in abundance in Douz. And for those discerning travelers who are after the Sahara is ready for adventure, in Tunisia, there is another extreme entertainment. Anyone can ride with the wind on the old narrow-gauge railway, which is led through a deep gorge with a roaring stream below.

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