Time travel: Montenegro

Time travel: Montenegro
 Montenegro by chance called the Pearl of the Adriatic. In this small country of beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea bordered by picturesque chain of vertices, and the air smells of pine needles. Around the stunning beauty of landscapes, many historical, cultural and natural monuments, the people are friendly, the food is delicious and clean. What is not a reason to go on a trip! Especially visa Russians do not need to register.
 In Montenegro (the so-called Montenegro in Europe) one will find rest to your liking. If you prefer to bask in the sun, you can choose one of the 117 beaches that stretch along the coast. There are sandy and pebble beaches, mixed and rocky. Hotels are usually located near the sea. But nice to live in apartments that are for rent everywhere.

Water clarity in Montenegro from 36 to 58 meters, the sea is calm, with small waves, but cool. So if you want to swim comfortably, it is necessary to go on holiday in the period from late May to early September. The most famous resorts in the country - Budva, Kotor, Petrovac, San Stefano, Bar, Herceg Novi, Ulcinj.

But it would be unforgivable to come to this amazing country and confine beach holiday. Indeed, in Montenegro's rich cultural and historical heritage - the old town, medieval fortresses, ancient monasteries. In the cultural capital of Montenegro, Cetinje, in one of the churches kept the hand of John the Baptist.

National Park Lovcen, high in the mountains, stands the mausoleum of Peter Njegoš. This great ruler of a small state was not only the king but also a philosopher, a poet. Montenegrins still revere him, about the way they honor the Russian Alexander Pushkin.

Worthy of attention unique monastery of Ostrog. He carved into an impregnable rock, and for many centuries, pilgrims climb there barefoot, to be cleansed of sin. In stone niche stores miraculous relics of St. Basil of Ostrog. This abbot, he preached, helped people heal. And when he died, his grave grew a vine, while grapes and should not grow at such a height in the rarefied atmosphere of the mountain peaks.

Also in Montenegro many natural attractions. For example, Canyon Durmitor and Skadar Lake. Visit these scenic spots, it is imperative. Recreational activities include rafting in the canyon of the river Taro, paragliding in the mountain range Brayichi or go skiing in the resort of Zabljak.

And in Montenegro, it is necessary to taste national dishes: smoked meat prshyut, salty negoshsky cheese, tart red wine "Vranac", fragrant olive oil and fragrant mountain honey. And throw a coin into the clear waters of the Adriatic - would definitely go back to these amazing places.

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