Time Travel: China

Time Travel: China
 Holidays in China is still just starting to gain popularity among Russian tourists. But those who have already had time to visit this amazing country, not regretted buying a round. After a trip to China - it is an opportunity to see the harmony of an ancient civilization and modern life.
 Go to China at any time of the year. Indeed, in this country there are many attractions, so you will not be bored. Traditionally, to discover the best is spring and autumn. Beach vacation is better to plan for the summer and winter.

So, for those who like to lie down on the white sand and listen to the gentle sound of the waves is the best place in China - Hainan Island. It is on the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, so all the charms of a tropical landscape where you can enjoy full. The most famous resorts are located in the Yalong Bay and Sanya Bay, as well as the Big East Sea. At all the beautiful beaches, lots of exotic greenery, flowers and all around wonderful nature.

In addition, working in Hainan famous health centers. There tourists offer effective techniques based on the secrets of ancient Chinese medicine. You can be treated with acupuncture, massage, herbal pills on rare.

However, it would be unforgivable in China and confine beach holiday. After Celestial offers interesting tours. You can explore Beijing and Hong Kong to visit the mysterious Tibet, see the Buddhist temples and pagodas, the legendary Great Wall of China and the Shaolin Monastery, visit the nature reserve, home to Red Book panda.

In the capital, Beijing, you will be impressed by the Forbidden City - the former residence of the emperors. Gorgeous and Tiantan - Temple of Heaven, covered azure tiles.

Hong Kong - a bustling modern city, where life is in full swing and day and night. Shanghai - the largest commercial center of the country. There are many markets and stores, which should definitely buy the amazing beauty of the local silk and the finest porcelain. And then go to the magnificent Yu Yuan - The Garden of joy, where you can walk among the lush vegetation and enjoy delicious cuisine.

Of course, everyone is free to make a program stay in China. Surely there will be a place many unique corners of this great country.

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