Sugar: he, she, and love

Sugar: he, she, and love
 Sugar - not the best place to relax, but if you love extreme sports or want to see how strong your relationship with your lover, try to go there. In the desert you can see a lot of amazing things to experience, along with his half delightful, with nothing comparable to the feeling and understand what you are ready for each other, and whether it has been an honor to you to get out of the ordeal, the proposed nature.
 Sugar - is the very embodiment of freedom. There is no usual for residents of large cities traffic congestion, offices, supermarkets. There's no daily activities, it is not necessary to solve business issues. On the other hand, going to the Sahara, you can forget about usual for you to plunge into the world and exotic. There spend a lot of exciting excursions that will give you and your significant other unique chance to know each other, faced with a very unusual adventures and stringent conditions for survival.

Journey across the Sahara to help you understand if you are ready with her lover to take care of each other, how strong your love is. Person who is not used to living in a place with a very hot climate and are not familiar with the peculiarities of the desert, you can not do it without support. Despite the fact that finding a guide for the journey across the Sahara is not difficult, particular importance will be the presence of a loved one. Sugar poses a serious threat: the extremely high temperatures, burning sand, difficulty finding food and water, as well as an abundance of deadly creatures scare people and often cause them to permanently delete this place from my tourist list. However, despite its brutality, Sahara attracts some people to himself. This desert is truly beautiful. Golden sand, majestic dunes, beautiful blue sky, magnificent sunsets - all this you can enjoy together with your partner.

Contrary to popular belief, there is even in the Sahara Hotel. But there you will not find luxury restaurants, nightlife and entertainment, ready to entertain visitors. You can forget about boredom all inclusive and stupid arguments about what restaurant to go today and what a disco visit. But at the Sahara you will be asked is what is really needed for life - for life and for love. It's good food, clean water, comfortable bed with no frills and freedom. And just seeing the cruel beauty of nature and experience life, far from the usual, sometimes people understand what are minor quarrels and ridiculous insults, debilitating relationships and learn to plunge into love, in the care of a loved one, and give your heart without a trace.

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