Mysterious ancient Crete

Mysterious ancient Crete
 Crete - the largest Greek island, the birthplace of the Olympic chief god - Zeus and the ancient cradle of European civilization - Minoan. It is situated between Europe, Asia and Africa, bordered by three seas and is a truly unique object of nature cultural center.

The fact that Crete is the most popular European resort, due not only to favorable Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches and good infrastructure. Irresistibly attract tourists to the region ancient myths and the opportunity to see the most legendary labyrinth.

Labyrinth of the Minotaur in the palace of King Minos, who, according to legend, was one of three sons of Zeus and kidnapped them in Europe. It was during the reign of Minos of Crete has reached unprecedented prosperity and turned into a rich state where the developing art and culture to a new level. It all happened a long time ago - a half or two thousand years before the Christian era.

However, the life of Minos was not so happy. To teach the king, the sea god Poseidon made his wife - beautiful Pasiphae - fall in love with the bull. From their union were born and that same legendary monster - the Minotaur. By order of Minos master Daedalus built a labyrinth of underground palace, which was locked and the Minotaur. Every year, at the mercy of the monster were given seven noble youths and seven beautiful girls. To stop this terrible offering tribute to Crete arrived brave Theseus and with the help of Minos's daughter Ariadne was able not only to overcome the Minotaur, but also out of the maze alive. In this he was helped by Ariadne handed a ball, which he unwound on the way to the center of the maze and, again smatyvaya thread, unmistakably found a way out.

In addition to the labyrinth, located in the city of Knossos palace of King Minos is remarkable in that it is the first in the history of the appearance of such structures as the plumbing, ventilation, and heating and lighting systems.

By the time of Minos and is another Greek myth - of Daedalus and Icarus. And in honor of the young men who wanted to take to the sky high to the sun, but the stone fell into the water, one of the surrounding seas Crete is called the Icarian.

Another attraction of Crete, is closely related to the Greek myths, is the cave Dikti Andron transformed into a temple. It is also known as the Cave of Zeus. According to legend, it was born on the future of Thunder and ruler of Olympus, after his mother Rhea ran away from her husband Cronus devouring all their children out of fear that they shall take away his power.

In addition to the traces left by the Minoan civilization of Crete architecture bears the stamp of the Ottoman Empire during the rule of which there are built numerous mosques. By the time of the Byzantine Empire are surviving monasteries, such as the monastery Moni Kardiotisa with the miraculous icon of Our Lady. And the Venetians left in memory of himself several fortresses and castle Fortezza. Thus, modern Mediterranean resort organically coexist with each other heritage of different ages and different civilizations.

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