Thermal resorts in Italy

Thermal resorts in Italy
 Italy - Mediterranean country, known not only for its nature, unique cuisine and mild climate, but also a large number of hot springs. Around them for many centuries formed thermal spas, popular today.
 Mineral springs praised Italy during the Roman Empire. It was then that its terms were hardly unique, and the first beauties flocked to him from all over the world. Thermal springs are able to give power to energize, invigorate and heal a lot of chronic human diseases. In addition, spa treatments based on thermal water give young and healthy skin than women are especially appreciated.

Italy has the greatest number of sources compared to the Mediterranean. Baths are scattered across the country, the most famous are in Tuscany, Lazio, Veneto and the island of Ischia. The climate on the thermal resorts has their visit all year round, and the surrounding nature is fascinating unique landscapes.

Terme Italy differ. Primarily, the composition of thermal water, as well as various methods and approaches to treatment. Mineral salts, thermal water, curative mud and fresh air normalize the body, rejuvenate and let their visitors with a sense of ease and satisfaction.

The most famous thermal spa of Italy - Abano Terme. It is located in the Euganean hills and has a unique composition of water in the hot springs, mud and clay, rich in trace elements. Mud Abano Terme - the only ones in the country, with several certificates confirming their "maturity" like wine. The resort is located in the Veneto region, just forty kilometers from Venice, which allows to combine treatment and sightseeing holidays.

Another term is in Merano Italy. This small town of a few hundred years hiding in the Alpine valley, surrounded by mountain peaks and has on its territory cold springs. Because of the healing climate of the Alps come here, people of all ages and professions, trying to stay in the long term. The doctors let their patients only after achieving a balance in the body.

Fiuggi Terme Resort on popular opinion in Italy is a favorite city of the gods. Its mild climate characterized by a smooth change of seasons. Mineral springs in Fiuggi Terme, in the use of water in close proximity to them and cleanse the body a beneficial effect on the internal organs. The city has two thermal park, the water that is absolutely identical.

In addition to these, Italy and other famous thermal spas: Montecatini Terme, Levico Terme, Kashan Terme, Chianciano Terme, Terme di Petriolo and several towns, rich in mineral waters.

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