Rest and treatment in China

Rest and treatment in China
 In China, you can not only relax but also to treat health, thanks to the wise and efficient oriental medicine. If European doctors usually rely on medical treatment of diseases, the secret to the success of Chinese healers is based on centuries of philosophy.

Many attractions, mild climate, stunning nature and the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the mysterious East, make China attractive for many tourists. Unconventional treatment in this Asian country is at such a high level that it is here and go for a miraculous healing people from around the world. The basis of treatment methods is the use of herbal potions, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and an appeal to the mind. Contemporary Chinese clinic also offers inhalation treatment of banks, mud wraps and baths, balneotherapy.

The biggest surprise is the main method of diagnosis of the body - heart rate measurement. It allows people here healers to identify the disease at an early stage, when other methods to do this is not yet possible. Any local doctor or physician before treatment is required to determine the reason for problems in the body: the violation of yin or yang energy. For European patients, this sounds crazy and funny, but the amazing achievements of non-traditional Chinese medicine make meekly to believe in the efficacy of these methods. Healers prepare effective drugs only from substances of natural origin: fruit, leaves and bark of trees, herbs and minerals. The local medicine completely eliminates the use of chemicals.

Hainan Island from the ground hit famous radon sources. There are more than a dozen comfortable hotels, and almost every one of them has its own healing power to the pool. Bathing them useful for some skin diseases, stress and problems with the musculoskeletal system. The most popular among tourists enjoy tours in the "Garden of Longevity" on the island of Hainan, in the center of Tibetan medicine in Beijing, and "Sea Castle" on the island of Dalian.

Treatment in China can always be combined with excellent and varied holiday. You can visit the aquarium, nature reserves, Seashell Museum, Monkey Island and the Valley of butterflies, as well as go to the submarine cruises and mountain expeditions.

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