If the island - hence Seychelles

If the island - hence Seychelles
 Lovers of sun and sea all year round should be made in the Seychelles must have travel. High season, ie, steadily increased demand for tourism product, here never ends. A huge number of resorts with private villas are eager to offer their services to tourists. And beautiful beaches, azure waves and coconut groves and beckon in his arms.
 In general, the Seychelles has 115. They officially called the Republic of Seychelles. But in fact, the main activity is concentrated on only a few of them. The biggest - Mahe, the capital of Victoria is located in the same place.

The climate on the islands - the most favorable. Year-round sunshine, and the water temperature does not change dramatically, perhaps within 3-5 degrees. White sandy beaches and shady groves of coconut palms predispose to the most that neither is a wonderful rest and relaxation.

However, from the places which tend to infinite lying in a deck chair, Seychelles favorably with the fact that there can quite active. Entrust the organization of the leisure professional needs. There are many companies and institutions that can provide for a helicopter tour of the island and boat. The most robust of these companies - Emirates Holidays.

Yachting, water skiing and paragliding, is attached to the boat over the ocean - may well entertain lovers of water sports. And, of course, diving. Beautiful underwater world of the Seychelles to help investigate the experienced master divers. And those who consider themselves pro - get pleasure from the clear turquoise water and bizarre inhabitants of the world of silence.

If desired, and for a fee or redemption of the catch can participate in fishing with the locals. This activity is reminiscent of an ancient ritual and made wickerwork networks - boxes. Devices are almost the same as a hundred years ago.

The fauna of Seychelles is diverse. Representatives of a large number of birds nest on Bird Island, and on the other islands you can find the rarest and most beautiful of their instances. The earliest inhabitants of the islands - turtle quietly moved through the deserted beaches, returning to the ocean after laying eggs on land. Their giant cousins ​​live in a cage, in a beautiful park on the island of La Digue. This island is famous for the fact that it was made into a film "Emmanuel".

The most beautiful place on the island of Mahe - Botanical Gardens Les Jardins du Rois. There are growing fabulously beautiful trees and shrubs, such favorable climate allows them to bloom and fragrance all year round. After the vision of so many attractions, even the most avid tourist to experience probably hungry. For such a case is built next to the garden restaurant with excellent local cuisine, the owner is proud of the fact that in her veins flows the blood of the French kings.

For those who want to feel independent of national tastes and preferences are given the opportunity to prepare their own meals. This can be done, particularly seafood, of which multitudes on the richest market in Victoria.

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