Holidays with accent: Israel

Holidays with accent: Israel
 The history of this country, of a few thousand years, surprisingly eventful. Israel manages to combine the national color and paint today's life, history and modernity. Therefore, vacation in Israel - it is more than a journey.
 In recent years, the number of those wishing to spend a vacation in Israel increased markedly. This can be explained politically unfavorable situation in popular Turkey and Egypt, in addition, an important role is played by the abolition of visas for Russians. Climate zone in Israel is similar to these countries, and the spectrum of entertainment that you can get even wider.

During his visit to this country, you can combine different types of recreation. In recent years, rapidly developing medical tourism. Israel is known for its high level of development of medicine, many private clinics provide services to foreign nationals. If you decide to inspect or receive medical treatment in Israel, and at the same time want to see the country, you can order this versatile tour.

Among the obvious advantages of living in this country - no language barrier. In almost any situation there is an English speaking person who will help you understand.

Beach lovers waiting for the Red Sea on the southern border of the country, the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean. In addition, it is an opportunity to visit the holy places that stagger the imagination even of those who tourists. If you want to visit religious sites that are on the territory of the Palestinian Authority, it is quite possible to do this with an organized tour for foreigners. But do not forget that the responsibility for your safety in this case, Israel will remove from you.

The country is full of interesting places, it is impossible to see them all in one vacation, it is possible to spend a few years. Therefore it is necessary to choose the most interesting. Be sure to visit Jerusalem, it is desirable to allocate to him a couple of days. In Tel Aviv, too, can see a lot of interesting things - for example, the ancient city of Jaffa.

Noteworthy neighborhood of Jerusalem, the Judean Hills. In the mountains, there are many monasteries in a wide variety of denominations that are open to the public. They hit the beauty and well-kept gardens and churches. In monasteries sell honey, olive oil, local wine production process to goat cheese.

Fans of Roman history will be interesting to visit the national park Caesarea - are still being excavated ancient Roman city. You can see the Roman amphitheater, the city walls, mosaics, Roman baths and the streets.

An ancient fortress city of Acre also will not leave anyone indifferent. Be sure to visit the Sea of ​​Galilee to the biblical places on the coast.

With all the religious rules here you feel like in any other European society. It should be said about the high-level hotels, SPA salons and similar establishments.

Israel is perfect for a family holiday. The country has built several large entertaining game centers, zoos, water parks and amusement park, safari park and bird park. In Eilat underwater observatory will attract children, a fabulous City of Kings, coral reefs and Dolphin Reef.

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