Winter Activities: Carpathians

Winter Activities: Carpathians
 Recently, the Carpathians are becoming increasingly popular among Russian tourists. After all, unlike other foreign resorts, vacation here is relatively inexpensive. And, furthermore, to visit the Ukraine do not need a passport and visa.  
 Carpathian Mountains are considered one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. Rest is good at any time of year, but winter can give a magic: the stunning winter landscapes, snow-capped peaks, clear mountain air and much more. All it conquers and fascinates visitors to the region. No wonder many of them want to return here it is in winter. This time of year can turn a holiday into a real adventure. After all, only in the winter, you can take a trip to a fairy tale: admire the icy in bizarre forms waterfalls, walk through the snowy town with medieval castles, go on a ski trip to the mysterious forest, ice skating on the ice lake look amazing theatrical performances for the New Year holiday and so on. n.

In addition, the Carpathian Mountains are known for its ski resorts: Slavske, Bukovel, Izki, Dragobrat, Pylypets, and many others, where skiing, snowboarding and snow-cats give a sense of speed and increase the level of adrenaline in the blood. In these centers of winter tourism, you can choose the route of varying length and complexity. At the top you will deliver modern lifts and experienced instructors are always willing to share the secrets of the conquest of the mountain slopes. In addition, the resort is located on the territory of recreation centers, swimming pools, saunas, cafes, where you can always relax, warm up and try the local mulled wine.

In addition to outdoor activities, Carpathian Mountains are famous for its mineral springs. A lot of hotel and recreation centers are in Irshava, Tyachiv, Svaliava and other areas. Here you can not only improve their health, but also a great time to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the Carpathians, visit the monuments of history and architecture.

No matter what area of ​​the Carpathians you select for winter holidays, everywhere will be able to relax here. A unique flavor, wonderful nature, the hospitality of the local population about the trip will leave only positive memories.

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