What to see in Egypt

What to see in Egypt
 Egypt was and remains one of the most visited countries by Russians. Due to its popularity easily. The relative proximity - four and a half hour flight from Moscow, low cost and, of course, the beautiful Red Sea. However, apart from the fascinating underwater world, this Arab country is attractive for its ancient monuments.
 Everyone who first visited Egypt, wants to see its main attraction - the pyramids of Giza in the valley. But few people know that this tour if sent her the most popular resort towns - Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh, it is tedious and uninformative. Organizers are trying to fit into one day and move far from the capital - eight to twelve hours on a bus to one side, and inspection of the Cairo Museum, and visit ancient tombs - pyramids, and even shopping in stores that sell oil and paintings on papyrus. Therefore, wishing to explore the Egyptian wonder of the world, not hurrying to unfasten interest guide traders, it is better to take a tour on their own. This can be done, arriving in Cairo and turned into one of the travel agencies. It will provide you a Russian-speaking escort with whom one day you marvel at the treasures of the Cairo Museum, the other - to visit the pyramids, the third walk at the capital.

Another attraction, which show all the tourists - Valley of the Kings with the Karnak Temple and the Colossi of Memnon, which are far from it. On this tour it is best to drive from Hurghada. Then the road will take only three and a half - four hours. Visit these monuments it is necessary. There you will see the tombs of the pharaohs, with wall paintings depicting scenes from the life of the ancient gods. Surprised construction wit Egyptians, who found a way to build a giant figure of a single piece of stone. Now, however, the Colossi of Memnon destroyed. But in the current state they are able to bring in awe.

Mount Moses, Sinai it. Here, according to legend, after forty days of fasting, the prophet received from the hands of gentlemen tablets of the Ten Commandments. Visit her - the dream of many Christians. However, this is a difficult journey. Climbing to be long. If you are ready to difficulties - please be comfortable shoes, warm clothes, water. Excursions to Mount Moses occur at night, when even in Egypt is cool. On the way to the top there is a parking space. Be sure to rest on them, if feel that you need it. If the forces left - rent a camel. He will take you to a place in a few minutes.

Besides these attractions in Egypt enough miracles. This is the famous inverted Arabic month, and constellations that are different from visible from Russia, local cuisine, hookah. Everyone will find exactly what he is interested. And want to go back to this wonderful country again and again.

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