What Dreams May Come: Sharm El Sheikh

What Dreams May Come: Sharm El Sheikh
 Brightest jewel among resorts in the Red Sea is considered to be in Sharm el-Sheikh. Beautiful coral reefs, tropical climate, diving and nightlife - that's what attracts tourists to the "lord of the bay."
 Hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh all year round take tourists from around the world - there is no "wrong season." The climate is hot year-round, rain is very rare. Only in the winter the temperature drops a bit, but only at night, when the Sinai Mountains with cool wind blowing gently. If you're not carry the scorching heat, pick another resort - the normal daily temperature does not fall below 43-45 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the city in the summer is not recommended for pregnant women and attend to patients with chronic cardiovascular disease. Abused in such extreme heat of alcoholic beverages should not be too, so do not turn a trip to Sharm el-Sheikh in alco-orgy.

Staff at the hotel for 90 percent of males. Do not be alarmed when you see a male babysitter or teacher of yoga courses for pregnant women. However, this "gay" service is fraught with many dangers and - Sharm el-Sheikh is famous for gigolos specializing in tourists from Russia and CIS countries. Try not to lose reason, when a lifeguard on the beach will spend hours talking to you about your own unearthly beauty.

When choosing a hotel, consider their own interests - something for which you are driving to the resort. Stay at Naama Bay and enjoy live-performances of the best DJs from around the world daily Open eyrami foam parties and laser show. Do not want to listen to club music under the windows of the hotel in the evening until the morning? Choose a bed & breakfast in the area called "Shark Bay", with the best walking routes, shops oriental sweets and ethnic clothing.

Taxis in Sharm el-Sheikh will cost you quite a decent amount: much more popular here shuttle buses that drive up to stop from time to time and you are ready to deliver anywhere in the city for a ridiculous fee.

Tired of diving and walking along the coast? Visit the most beautiful national parks of the country, where you will see clear lakes, exotic animals, mango bushes and many banana trees.

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