Travel to Russia

Travel to Russia
 Travel to Russia are becoming increasingly popular. Stops travelers only one thing - higher prices on holiday and not always an easy access to transportation. However, service in the tourist regions every year is getting better, Russian hotel attracts comfortable apartments, polite staff, delicious food.
 Russian Black Sea coast every summer vacationers happy new hotels, the active development of infrastructure, improved service. And airlines are not far behind, owners of seaside towns. A huge number of charter and scheduled flights flying in Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, etc. Order and a hotel room, and a plane ticket, and you can transfer over the Internet, which significantly saves time tourists. But the cost of recreation on the Black Sea is quite high. And the average Russian more expensive for Turkey or Egypt than native shores.

Because of the high price of travel undeservedly little tourists visit Baikal. It is the largest lake in the world with crystal clear water just happy unearthly landscapes. And there lives the Baikal seal. This relict species, which is not found anywhere else in the world. Moreover, besides her there are only two types of freshwater seals.

Kamchatka - the land of volcanoes and geysers. Round trip promises not only new experience, but also an unforgettable pleasure. The peninsula huge number of thermal springs, which can be found in almost any area. Near the most popular built modern hotels, where you can not only relax, but also to treat chronic diseases. In addition, the Kamchatka River are rich in a wide range of fish. What is particularly interesting men - an avid fisherman.

Lovers of antiques will be delighted by travel around the Golden Ring of Russia. Most often tours start in Moscow, capturing the city in Moscow, Vladimir, Ryazan and other areas. Depending on the duration of the trip can be viewed from three to ten ancient settlements. The most interesting Suzdal. He turned into a museum city. Multistory building there is prohibited. On its small territory around sixty monasteries, chapels, temples, churches. Near the town is a museum of wooden architecture. On seeing the sights of the area is hardly enough a couple of days allocated to the tour. Therefore, in Suzdal better to go alone for a long time.

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