Travel time: Kolomna flavored marshmallow

Travel time: Kolomna flavored marshmallow
Kolomna - a city where guests are greeted not with bread and salt, and pastes. This tradition was born during the reign of Nicholas II. Delicacy learned to do in the 15th century, and then it became a local brand, as happy to talk at the Museum of pastes and secrets sweets factory opened at the Museum.
In Kolomna know how to entertain guests. For example, in the Museum of pastes tours for tourists is carried out in an interactive way. Story are guides for a cup of tea with a variety of goodies. Try candy Dostoevsky, cranberry "me-nots," apricot "royal" and "sobriety" with hops. The store, located nearby, buy a box of sweets liked views with you.

Get acquainted with the traditions of the city can be in the School of Crafts. Every year, an exhibition of dolls and scarves, we can look at very old specimens. A local houses Afonya enjoy both children and adults. Guides also offer to order the program "Wedding", which is intended for entertainment lovers. It provides for a mandatory bride kidnapping-purchase and prizes.

In Kolomna all unusual, even sightseeing tours on green omnibuses. You can select the most appropriate of the three proposed routes guides: two 30 and one 15 minute. Departure from the street begins Lazhechnikov, then moves on transport historical and memorable places of the city. In Kolomna there are more than 420 important monuments and architectural structures.

Do not like the visits? Stroll through the Kolomna Posada near the Kremlin, which was built during the reign of Vasily III in the 16th century. To have survived seven towers of the fortress, preserved in its original form separate parts facilities, and Cathedral Square. Guides will show you the prison, where the alleged languished Marina Mnishek and allow to try on the armor of a warrior. Far from the Kremlin artists work or blacksmiths who are willing to share skills and craftsmanship to give you a master class.

It is interesting here at the weekend and on City Day. First, the post intrudes policeman, and then deploy local artisans shops with souvenirs at the entrance to the Kremlin. The nearby area will see demonstrations heroes and face off heroes who come from all the surrounding area.

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