Time Travel: Cyprus

Time Travel: Cyprus
 The island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea - the perfect place to relax. Here picturesque scenery, mild climate, beautiful beaches. And besides, this paradise shrouded in mystery myths of antiquity, it preserved many ancient sites.
 Cyprus - European state, it enters the EU. Therefore, the corresponding service in the country: even the most demanding tourist will be satisfied. Peak season is in August and September, but generally hot summer continues in the resorts of Cyprus from May to October.

The capital of the country - the ancient city of Nicosia, it is located in the interior of the island, surrounded by mountain ranges of Troodos and Kyrenia. Those travelers who are interested in history, have to visit the capital. There are fragments of ancient structures, and in the Archaeological Museum has collected many unique exhibits, the oldest of which date back to the Neolithic period.

However, in Cyprus historical monuments everywhere. For example, in the resort town of Paphos, where, according to legend, Aphrodite emerged from the foam, it is interesting to visit the house of Dionysus with unique mosaics, explore the famous villa of Theseus, visit the Museum of Byzantine Empire.

And in one of the high cliffs of the island are the ruins of the ancient Kourion. This city was destroyed by an earthquake in the IV century. But to this day it has retained the Sanctuary of Apollo, the ancient theater, the Roman baths.

More on Cyprus has a very beautiful temples. This, for example, the so-called "hidden God," or church Teoskepasti. Or the amazing church of St. Paraskevi, the majestic Cathedral of St. John, and many others.

But, of course, the main pastime on the island - it's a relaxing holiday by the sea. There are beaches for all tastes, all basically sand. Most Viewed - Ayia Napa, Flamingo, Sandy Bay, Bay fig tree. For families with children are best suited Fenikudes & McKenzie in Larnaca - there is quite a shallow sea.

But not only in the summer you can go to Cyprus. In winter there too, something to do. After all, from January to March opens the season of skiing. In the resorts of Troodos and Platres good track and infrastructure. Everything reminds small alpine village. And all kinds and stunning, especially with the legendary Mount Olympus.

Even Cyprus is famous for its delicious cuisine and fine wines, made according to ancient recipes. So rest here can become not only a constant feast of the spirit, but also a feast for the stomach. In any case, a trip to the island is rich experiences and remember.

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