The lifeblood of the Dead Sea

The lifeblood of the Dead Sea
 The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the planet, on the border of Jordan and Israel, where more than 2 million years ago formed a tectonic fault. Sea received "dead" name because for a long time was considered absolutely lifeless. The salt concentration therein reaches 33% vs. 4% normal seawater. This leaves only the conditions for the life of a small amount of bacteria that have been discovered in recent decades, XX-XXI century. But here's the paradox - a man of Dead Sea water can give life-giving force.

The Dead Sea is known unique composition of salts and mud, the healing properties of its location and ever-changing-giving calm beauty.

Dirt, sun, air and water - our best friends!

The Dead Sea is 10 months of the year gives a constant, sharp diurnal and seasonal fluctuations, temperature of air and water with minimal rainfall.

Sea is the lowest point on the planet - 420 meters above sea level. Additional parameters of the atmosphere and the evaporation of sea water filter out harmful solar radiation. Therefore, while there, you get a natural ultraviolet therapy session.

Breathe the air of the Dead Sea, you get a natural effect of hyperbaric chambers. The oxygen content of 8-12% are usual. The atmosphere is saturated with negative ions, and the bromine content therein is 10 times its concentration in any other location.

Sea water is like a warm, slightly oily liquid, carefully enveloping man. It is so heavy that you can save on buying a mattress and unloading your musculoskeletal system, read newspapers, gently swaying on the waves. Dead Sea water contains substances necessary for normal functioning of the body: highly concentrated salts, minerals and trace elements.

Extracted from the bottom mud have a high degree of mineralization and content of bromine, iodine, hormone-like substances.

Treatment and rest at the Dead Sea.

Resting at the Dead Sea, contemplating its nature, tired from the stress of the body repairs itself quickly, gaining strength and reveals inherent in your natural potential. Significantly improved and your appearance: skin, hair and nails. In the eyes appear light!

In these beautiful places you can go for my health. Pond improves and cures patients. The indications for treatment are skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, broncho-pulmonary system, nervous system, reproductive system, ENT diseases and endocrinological pathology.

Dead Sea in your home.

Do not worry if you do not yet had the opportunity to visit this magical place. Cosmetics, made on the basis of mineral components of the Dead Sea, retains its healing properties, the body heals and gives beauty.

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