Sightseeing tour of Jerusalem, what to see

Sightseeing tour of Jerusalem, what to see
 The city, which causes a certain awe even those who believe in church dogma but at heart - is Jerusalem. If possible, you should definitely see it. The centuries-old history of Jerusalem has tangible evidence on almost every street and rich in interesting moments.
 There are over 3500 years, during which time he combined the features of not only Christian but also Muslim cultures, so sightseeing tour of Jerusalem allows you to see inside the values ​​of several nations. During the whole time in the city were the battle for religious shrines, so the sights of Jerusalem is closely connected with them.

 The most famous among them - the Wailing Wall. This fragment is completely destroyed by the present moment of the first temple of the Jews, which, in their opinion, the relationship with the Almighty the shortest. That's why every day thousands of pilgrims flock here, leaving cracks in the walls note asking. It is interesting that point that men and women provides its own part of the wall. For the latter also set dress code, which you need to remember when going on holiday in Jerusalem, the head should be covered and open and short clothes are not allowed.

Next relic - is the Holy Sepulcher. In Jerusalem, in general there is a tradition to build a temple on the site of each event described in the Bible, but what took place there last moments of Christ's life, so the Holy Sepulcher is so important for every believer. Nearby is the Garden of Gethsemane, from which to today's days there were only a few trees. He is also a place of Christian pilgrimage, especially Grotto of Gethsemane, on the floor where you can see the bloody sweat of Christ melted stone.

Excursions to Jerusalem can not do without inspection Way of the Cross on which Christ walked. This Via Dolorosa, leading to the site of the crucifixion of Jesus. The name translates as "the path of sorrow," and now it has 14 stops. This chapels and churches associated with the recent actions of Christ on earth.

Local architectural buildings dazzles the senses. Testing whether a thrill when you visit them - a private matter, but see their worth.

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