Secrets of the perfect tan

Secrets of the perfect tan
 Perfect-tan noble golden hue that will not harm the skin - a real dream and goal of every summer, every girl. Become the owner of the perfect tan quite simply, we need only follow a few rules and warnings.  
 Perfect tan should be safe. Sun bathing will not hurt your skin, if you prepare it in advance. From early spring start to prepare the skin for the summer. Kind of training will solarium. Remember that the first time should confine 5-6 minutes.

In early summer, if you spend much time on the street, or in the first days of leave, the skin should be protected carefully. Use tools with high SPF protection. When your skin starts to acquire tanned tone, go to lighter protection. Apply protectant every time after swimming - the water washes it, or buy a special, waterproof. Also updates the cream on the skin every 2-4 hours.

Remember that your face and neck are always in need of more delicate and moisturizer. After all, tanned, but sooner Aging skin is unlikely you will please. And do not forget the most banal and important rule: while sunbathing - before 10 am and after 16 pm.

If you still burned refrain from sunburn. Try never to substitute the affected skin under the sun until everything is healed through. Help cope with the pain as traditional methods, such as yogurt or sour cream, and modern cosmetics.

It is unlikely that you will want to 2 weeks after the holidays again get fair skin. So take care to maintain tan. Discard the bath or sauna, if you go there. A pair of visits significantly "erase" tan your skin. This applies, of course, to the peeling and cleansing the skin. Start regularly eat carrots, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables red and yellow colors. They contain substances that allow the skin pigment longer hold.

Do not forget about the shape of your bathing suit. The original strings on the neck will leave white marks, and closed model will not allow a tan back and stomach. Keep this in mind when choosing.

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