Romantic routes Crimea

Romantic routes Crimea
 Romance - an integral part of the relationship of couples. On our planet, there are many fascinating places that serve excellent backdrop for declarations of love, marriage proposals, hugs and kisses. Will appeal to those nooks and newlyweds. Exciting romantic routes have long been laid on the Crimean peninsula.
 Those who go to Yalta, it is strongly recommended to sit on the bench lovers. It is made from copper and decorated with blue hearts. Place its installation is not accidental. It is under the plane tree under which met Sergei Yesenin and Isadora Duncan.

For those who believe that the place of the sacrament of marriage affect the future of a happy family life, is absolutely necessary to the rite in the Church of the Resurrection, popularly called Foros Church. The temple is located on a cliff. In the darkness he decorated special illumination, as if hovering above the ground.

Capture my words of love couples manage to rock along which there is a winding staircase in the city of Simferopol. It stretches from the Lenin Street on the waterfront and Thieves Salgir. It has tens of thousands of inscriptions, why not add and yours?

In Yalta near the statue of Aphrodite rising golden tree of love, or a wedding tree, or tree of happiness. It is called in different ways, but it is planted in order to keep the love of the newlyweds. Trunk and branches painted in gold color, and young wedding day adorn his snaps and ribbons, symbolizing a happy marriage.

Make a beautiful commemorative photos in Valentine's Day or wedding day can be on the bridge of the Primorsky Boulevard in the center of Sevastopol. Here offers a unique view of the bay from the Sunken Ships Monument. Bridge itself is considered to be a special place - a couple, photographed it, will differ loyalty and devotion to each other.

Seen in love embankment in Feodosiya becomes the modern tradition. At the beginning of the 20th century in its place is a sea bath, from which the coast stretched wooden bridge, later called the bridge of Sighs. It often arranged visits, bathing flirted with each other, a declaration of love. Over time, the bridge was gone after the baths, but romantic atmosphere preserved until now.

Of course, a must-visit is the famous Fountain of Tears in Bakhchisarai. He passes through the centuries Ghirei's grief over the loss of his beloved Dilara. Drops are still falling, both male tears like a lover, and today continues to mourn the loss of bitterness. They say this place has powerful energy that charges all love.

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