Provence lavender paradise

Provence lavender paradise
 Provence - district in the south of France, known for the famous Cannes and Nice, located on its Mediterranean coast, medieval castles, fine cuisine. But it is still Provence lavender paradise. Blooming lavender fields attract artists and tourists from June to August.
 Lavender in Provence growing in every front garden and courtyard, and the locals are no longer refer to it as some kind of value, although it is still a raw material for the famous French perfumes and is part of many well-known and popular fragrances.

It is grown on an industrial scale and blooming lavender fields, located in the hinterland leads many hiking trails. These roads are among the lavender fields, farms and villages.

The main part of the fields located in the Northern Territory in the Provence Alpes de Haute Provence (Alpes de Haute Provence), Vaucluse (Haute Vaucluse) and Drôme Provençale (Drôme Provencale). This famous places, where the background of blue sky and green trees spread endless neat rows of lavender bushes, stretching to the horizon or abutting in the old fortresses and castles. Smell that filled the air, it seems, can scoop up in the palm - so it is thick.

Here are mini small factory where they make lavender oil. Dried lavender flowers, packed in fabric bags can be purchased everywhere. Their use as a disinfectant as perfume and clothes dryers. Needless lavender oil used for aromatherapy, it has a sedative and relaxing. Provence - the world's largest producer of raw materials for the perfume industry.

You can buy ready-made or you yourself created perfume compositions on the basis of lavender oil, which will long be reminded of flowering lavender fields of Provence. This is to remind you of the famous and lavender honey jar or bottle original lavender tincture.

Lavender in Provence and use in food - there is sure to taste the lavender ice cream or meat cooked on a special recipe, which is composed of these fragrant flowers.

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