Paradise on the Volga

Paradise on the Volga
 Six hundred years ago, Prince Vasili I, son of Dmitry Donskoy, founded on the right bank of the Volga customs guard outpost, which allowed far away to watch the movements of the troops of the Tatar khans. Straight stretch of the river gave the name of this place - Ples. In the Russian Empire, it became a county town of Kostroma province. Today it is the main attraction of the Ivanovo region.
 Ples beauty, its landscapes just need to see, never to forget. Local places sang and at the same time gave them fame great landscape painter Isaac Levitan. His paintings "After the Rain. Ples "," Evening. Gold Reach "," Autumn. Mill. Ples "," Peaceful Abode "brilliantly convey the deeper meaning of this place.

Here all unearthly air with secular flavor, majestic Volga permeates everything around her energy. Ples - a place for creativity, no coincidence here like to spend a long time artists. In recent years, the city became the festival. Every summer it welcomes fashion festival "Ples on the Volga. Linen palette "levitanovskih Music Festival and the International Film Festival" Zerkalo "named after Andrei Tarkovsky. Last generally organizers want to make Russian analogue of the Cannes Film Festival. The first analogy is already there - here, as in Cannes, three-kilometer promenade. This place has long chosen filmmakers. Pleso such films as "The Two Captains", "Cruel Romance", "Chinese service" and others.

Recognition of the historical value of the city was the creation in 1982 Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, brought together three institutions: the museum Levitan, the museum landscape and Plyos state museum-reserve.

The historic center of the city - the Cathedral Mountain on top of which stands the Church of the Assumption, built in 1699. Going down the mountain, you will find yourself in the market square and on the promenade - the main cultural center of the city. Here you can buy souvenirs, lunch ride on the Volga River on a boat, if you want to swim.

Taking a walk along the promenade, you can admire the manor and market stalls, feeling the history of the city. From the house of the merchant Solodovnikova, which today is a museum Levitan, you need to climb a mountain named after him and look at the eyes of the artist Ples. It was here that he drew a lot and often.

On the part of Yaroslavl and Kostroma to Pleso can be reached on the road that runs along the right bank of the Volga through the regional center of the Ivanovo region Privolzhsk. On the part of Ivanov also possible to pass through this district center.

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