Paradise Island Seychelles: an ideal place for a romantic getaway

Paradise Island Seychelles: an ideal place for a romantic getaway
 Indian Ocean gave people a lot of miracles, among which the most famous Seychelles. They are located to the north of Madagascar and is famous for its magnificent beaches, considered among the best in the world.
 All in the archipelago has about 115 islands, of which rest on the pass and calmly. It's not noisy youth Ibiza or Thai island where does not stop nightlife, come here for romance. Popular wedding tours to the Seychelles, as the best place to spend a honeymoon, it is difficult to find.

Each island of the archipelago is unique and has its own way. So, on La Digue is no any transport other than bicycles. The whole territory of the island of Desroches takes forest reserve, and there is only one resort. Like this exists on many islands, making it particularly attractive vacation, adds romance.

The main attractions of the islands have a natural basis. Here, unique flora and fauna, watch where you can virtually hotel rooms. In fashion small household reefs, where a few dozen meters from the shore you can see the colorful, colorful fish. The highlight of the fauna of the archipelago - a huge turtle, whose weight reaches half a ton. Interesting historical sites here, as all the resorts are focused only on a beach holiday, whose quality does not suffer.

Ocean waters are transparent, so here come lovers of diving. Opening the water world is rich and does not end with some fish. Do not look less bright coral. Another popular entertainment - fishing permitted on islands in any of its manifestations. Can be caught from the shore, but much more interesting to go to sea on a rented yacht. In this case, you can catch fish all year round, due to the subequatorial climate.

In winter and spring the temperature rises up to 30 degrees of heat, summer and fall a little cooler, but always comfortable here, not in vain about Seychelles say that this paradise island.

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