Paradise Greece

Paradise Greece
 Greece - it is not only Athens, Crete, Corfu. There are less famous resort island of Skiathos. This is truly paradise: olive groves and pine forests, beautiful bays and green vineyards, quaint mountains and beautiful sandy beaches. Relax in one of presentable hotels Skiathos each year selects a growing number of tourists.
 To get to the picturesque island in the Aegean Sea can be by plane from Athens or take a ferry from Aghios Constantinos. From the town of Nea Moudania to Skiathos runs the ship "Anna Maru." In the summer go still "flying dolphins" of hair, Skirsa and Kima.

The greatest wealth of the island - beautiful beaches. They are more than sixty - small bays with fine sand embankments, surrounded by flowering shrubs, olive and pine trees. The best beaches - on the south coast. The most popular - Koukounaries a 25-minute drive from the city. A little further - the Mecca of the world nudist beach Banana. The boat can sail along the coast Lalaria, there is an amazing silver pebbles. For those who love secluded wilderness will like Agistros Beach and Mandraki Elias. Hanging out on the beach Hanemos informal youth.

Like any seaside resort on Skiathos, you can enjoy plenty of all sorts of water sports. Parasailing, diving, surfing, sailing and water scooters - offers such services set.

Of particular interest are the historical sights. One of them - the old Venetian fortress Burtzi near the main harbor. Also on Skiathos many ancient monasteries. This, for example, "Panagia Kunistra", the famous monastery of Our Lady of the XVII century. Or built in the XVIII century the monks of Mount Athos ascetics "Evangelistriya" Annunciation Monastery. The building is very large, but with the sea it can not be seen. Thus, it has always been protected from undue attention pirates.

Also on Skiathos can be nice to relax in one of the many restaurants, taverns and cafes. Many - with summer terrace, offering stunning views of the sea and the sunset. For young people will be interested in night clubs, discos, which are open until morning.

Another one of the pleasures on Skiathos - shopping. After relaxing on the beach so nice to walk through the fragrant spices grocers, cozy boutiques, small shops. Here you can buy jewelery, ceramics, icons, embroidery. House these items will be reminded of the unforgettable vacation on the sunny Greek soil.

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