How to rest in Egypt

How to rest in Egypt
 Over the past few years, Russians prefer to spend their summer holiday in Egypt, among the ancient pyramids, stone cities and monuments. If your attention was drawn to this wonderful country, think in advance about the organization of your travel needs.
 Since turputevku in Egypt bought fairly quickly, please contact the travel company a few months before the intended visit. Make sure that during the trip you will not only ensure comfortable housing, but also with full board meals (usually it is done three or four times a day).

The official currency of Egypt - Egyptian pound, which can not be exported outside the country. However, it is not forbidden to import. In fact, you can not convert their savings into the currency of that country, as in the hotels accept credit cards. But if you decide to go to the store, then without Egyptian pounds can not do. Exchange money, you can either in the hotel in which you reside, or in banks.

Vacationing in Egypt since 2002 can do without a visa. Permission to enter the country you can get at the airport of arrival or in advance at the Egyptian embassy, ​​located in Moscow. The visa fee is around twenty dollars. Prerequisite is the availability of accommodation mark on the legality of your visit. Get it can be in any police department, and if you stay in a hotel, then this obligation to take the employees of your place of residence.

If you plan to visit several cities in Egypt, it is better to use the services of railway transport, as the cost of flights within the country is quite high, despite the low level of services to airlines. Special demand among tourists a two-hour journey from Cairo to Alexandria, which is famous for its picturesque and cheap (ticket price is 10 US dollars).

Be sure to take care of a link on the territory of another country. Normal cellular GSM 900/1800 format in Egypt is quite accessible to Russians. But GPRS-roaming, alas, is not available, so if you need to get online, you can use the services of local Internet cafes or clarify ability to access the network at the hotel.

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