How to make your own hotel reservation

How to make your own hotel reservation
 If you are tired of relying on the taste of travel agencies and employees want to journey from nobody to depend, it's time to learn how to book hotels independently. Nothing complicated about it. Suffice it to have the skills to work with the Internet, have a credit or debit card and know English at the school level.
 Once the tickets are bought on a trip, it's time to take care of a house. Prioritize advance. For someone to be quite the cheapest room in the low-budget hotel. And someone can not do without the pool, satellite TV and three meals a day. Depending on which country you are going, the price can differ dramatically. In Southeast Asia, you can find a decent hotel and for $ 20 a day. And in Europe for the price you can offer except that tent rentals nearby. Decide how much you're willing to pay for a hotel than willing to sacrifice, and without which it will not do.

Some of the most popular sites for online booking - and it The home page is a form of search of hotels. You will need to enter the name of the city where you wish to stay, length of stay in it and the number of people who stay in a room. Then you will be able to choose the hotel based on criteria such as cost, number of stars, location, services provided and its popularity among tourists.

After defining the criteria, you'll get a list of hotels. You can view pictures of the rooms, explore the reviews, both in Russian and in English, to see how far is the hotel from the airport and find out if the hotel provides a shuttle service. To treat carefully reviews. Taste all people different. Try to ignore the angry, or vice versa, too commendable description with a minimum of practical information and an abundance of emotional expression.

After carefully read all the information and choose the most vending hotel, click on the "book." Enter the required passport data, e-mail address and card details. Within a few hours you will receive a confirmation mail of your reservation. Print it out and do not forget to take along for the ride. Usually at the demand together with the passport voucher confirming the reservation.

If you suddenly change plans, you can easily cancel your reservation. In most hotels, you can cancel the reservation free of charge in some cases have to pay a small fine. The whole procedure is completely safe, tested by millions of tourists and only takes a few minutes.

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