Holidays in Germany for every taste

Holidays in Germany for every taste
 Relief Germany is very diverse: Bavarian plains and hills in the central part, mountain ranges of the Alps in the south, coastal zones, which are washed by the Baltic and North Seas. Cozy, green country with a huge number of ancient castles and palaces. Traveling to Germany, if the transfer to the fabulous world who invented Brothers Grimm.
 Like most states in Europe, modern Germany was formed in the form in which it is known, is relatively recent. For a long time a few scattered principalities and counties were the country. As a result, to this day certain areas of Germany are quite different from each other. Each city is different from neighboring: a different architecture, different style of life and even their own dialects speech.

The capital of Germany is Berlin. This is one of the main points of attraction for tourists. It come for excursions, for business or just for fun. The city has about 500 hotels for every taste. Holidays in Germany, you can call in cities such as Leipzig, Schwerin, Weimar, Hamburg.

Well popular among tourists Dresden. Even though the vast destruction during the last war, there remained a large number of pre-war places of interest. Nuremberg - the birthplace of the famous artist Dürer. Famous for its breweries in Munich - a great place to start your adventures in Bavaria.

In Germany you can not only relax, but also to improve their health by visiting the spa resorts with mineral springs. There are many interesting towns, which, unfortunately, it is difficult to see at one time. But on the other hand, it is even better - will be another reason to come back here to open each time for myself interesting tourist routes: Düsseldorf, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Tübingen, Bonn, Cologne, Trier, and others. Some hotels are located in Germany ancient restored palace with amazing views from the windows, but the cost of rooms in them large enough.

Products of German industry have always been high quality and reliability. Germany is one of the world's leading industrial countries. Such brands as BMW, "Volkswagen" and "Mercedes" known to every motorist. In the state of decent wages and high living standards.

One of the financial centers called Frankfurt. It built the tallest skyscraper in Europe. The Germans know a lot of alcoholic beverages and foods. In addition, each region of Germany tries to keep the traditions of the past, offering something the new. In the outback, you can visit the village fair and try unsophisticated food. In large cities, better book a table in advance to dine at some expensive, elegant restaurant.

Wine and beer are highly valued, so here are made of various types of drinks. In this country are born talented people such as Beethoven, Bauhaus, Dürer, Goethe. Here the river is flowing wine and beer, and snacks are fried to a crisp Bavarian sausages, in the winter you warm local mulled wine - all this deserves to be at least one eye to see the wonderful country in the heart of Europe.

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