Grand Canyon: A journey into the heart of America

Grand Canyon: A journey into the heart of America
 In the heart of America, in northwest Arizona is one of the deepest canyons in the world. It is called the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon or the Grand Canyon. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth, one of the main attractions of America, which is visited annually by more than two million people.
 Grand Canyon has a total area of ​​over 50,000 square meters. Its maximum depth is more than a mile and a length of 446 kilometers. But of course, this national park is famous not only for its size. The view from any of the ledges of the walls shaking unprepared audience. The scale and grandeur of the canyon is shocking everyone who gets in this extraordinary place.

From the top it seems that the bottom of the narrow brook flows. But, Downstairs, travelers discover a wide and powerful river, with red-brown waters. This stream is comprised of the world's fastest thresholds, its speed of almost 20 km per hour. The day Colorado takes in the sea about half a million tons of rock: sand, boulders and pebbles.

This powerful river of almost ten million years flowed across the plain, but then crustal movements put obstacles in its way as the mountains. Colorado won power limestone, sandstone, schists and even granite. And formed the Grand Canyon.

At the moment, there is not a single bridge across a deep gorge. You want to get to the other side of the Grand Canyon will be forced to travel more than 300 kilometers, although the distance between the walls of the canyon is less than 19 kilometers. Of course, you can use a helicopter to get to the opposite side. With his help, many travelers are familiar with this magnificent place. Until 1956, many pilots of passenger airliners specifically changed the route to give its passengers the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent sight. But on June 30 similar liberties led to the deaths of more than a hundred passengers due to the collision of two planes, and the independent route changes were banned.

Grand Canyon - it's not just the gorge, is a complex of canyons, with beautiful waterfalls, ledges, towers and ravines. The originality of this point and adds that at different times the canyon looks different. The sun, shining rocks, the landscape gives different shades, from black to bluish-pink. Therefore, to enjoy the beauty of this place in full, it is better to be held in the Grand Canyon at least a few hours.

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